The Samsung Smart TV comes preloaded with a collection of apps ranging from motion sensing and remote controls to access to video cameras and gaming.

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Samsung is continuing on its new strategy of embracing robotics to bring their smart TVs to life. They have just introduced an innovative new set-top box which will allow a Samsung TV to control a small robotic arm that lets you control your TV. The Samsung Smart TV can control all the parts on the TV, from changing settings and switching inputs, to adjusting the brightness and color of your TV.

Samsung said the new Home TV Box which was unveiled during their recent press conference is ready for developers to build apps for Samsung Smart TVs and will be available for the first time later this holiday season, possibly in late January. The Samsung Smart TV Box is expected to run on the Android-based OS Tizen, adding a host of hardware features Samsung is known for, including HDR for higher contrast and less noise, the first Tizen-based set-top box capable of 4K HDR video streaming. The new Samsung Smart TV Box also includes Android and iOS application integration to deliver video and data services to your home via your smartphones, tablets and Smart TVs.

The Samsung Smart TV comes pre-loaded with a collection of apps ranging from motion sensing and remote controls to access to video cameras and gaming. Tizen-based Smart TVs will support all Samsung apps; Tizen-based Smart TVs that support apps from Google, Samsung and Amazon can not be programmed to support these apps.

Samsung claims that it is one of the most productive TV manufacturers in Asia with over 3,000 workers, which is expected to double to 3,800 in 2018, with all part of that increase coming from expanding into Southeast Asia. Samsung’s growing presence in Southeast Asia is seen in the recent launch of Samsung MOLLE for their smart TVs, Samsung’s recent move into the U.S. to build their own showrooms is not unlike Sony’s recent purchase of AMC Networks and the growth of the TV industry is very much in sync with increasing sales in the region.

Samsung Smart TV Box

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