Just wanted to let you know that a friend of mine lost her American Express Gold card in the New York City area in January 2002.

(I’m in the U.S. business class and pay $25 for a package at the baggage claim.) After I was recently asked to return my gold card and had it refused twice, I had enough. There is no good way for me to prove the claims the card was used as a personal credit card. The only way is to make two separate invoices one for the gold card, one for the personal credit card. Now, I am the only person who cares I want that money back. Your help in making it happen would be appreciated.

“I have had my account at American Express for 9 years now. During that time, I have never been called to explain why my account is being closed. This is a very frustrating experience. In recent months, I have gone years without any compensation for the losses I have incurred. American Express is known to have great customer service and I have worked with this company for many years. However, as an American Express customer, I am extremely frustrated by the lack of communication. I would like to be compensated for my losses in the event the bank refuses to give us the funds in the account in which the card was used. I have recently filed this claim with the court clerk. Please help so that I can be re-opened the account. Please help me with my legal fees and any costs related to this.”

“Just wanted to let you know that a friend of mine lost her American Express Gold card in the New York City area in January 2002. After two years of trying to get a refund for the lost card (a total of 13 different times), the bank has refused to give her any amount in exchange for the card. I had been doing what I could to make the bank understand the situation, but the bank has been steadfast in their refusal to provide any compensation to my friend. Since the bank refused to work with her to get the card back, the only option here is to sue the bank for their inattention to this matter (even if the bank is legally allowed to deny any compensation for their acts). I would like to share the following situation with you via email to my friends that are in similar situations in the past two years: As you can see, I am in the same situation as you as a member of the general public. My account is at American Express. I started my business in July 1998, and have since started a family. I was only given one gift card: a $5,000 gift card from an anonymous person, who helped me start my company. When I wanted to use the card, I wrote the owner of the card asking to open a business account where I would be able to use most of the business card. However, the woman said that the card was part of her customer protection package. The next day, I received an email that said that my card was cancelled and would not be allowed to be spent on anything that day - including the food I prepared. I was unable to use my business card then, because the bill was very large, because I had to order it from another merchant. I still have the original receipt from that day, which was still with me. I had to call the number on the card that night on the phone, with a list of all of the foods I had prepared. In addition, the card was set so that if my wife got tired, she could switch it to me for a fee. The reason I was calling was so that she could be made aware (based on a friend who has similar problems who had her card cancelled too) and I could get a refund for the fee, which would have been a lot less than the normal $40 it would have cost me by cancelling the card on my own. The following day they cancelled me again, as you can see in my picture on this page. When I called to open the account again, I was told that my card was still a valid one and that there was no need of a refund for it (the money will be returned to my bank). I tried to use the card again the following day, to buy gas, but I was not able to. The following week, I got yet another notice from American Express: My card was cancelled. I finally got the refund (on January 18th) when I finally got the card open. Unfortunately, the original receipt is still with me. I received the refund on January 28th so it was too late to refund for the gas the following day. But I was able to use the card to make a purchase (a phone). The other day they canceled as well. Since that time, I have been paying $5 per card per month plus $70 a year to stay alive. At the bottom of the page you will see a photo of a dollar sign that used to stand for the first time. I hope that will cheer you up.”

“Hi, I have been a frequent flyer of American Express for about 27 years. After two major problems involving American Express I

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