There, they can avoid the long lines, and not have to pay the inflated gas prices the cities put on cars and trucks, but you can't enjoy their luxury while you're working at the office.

And we know how to keep our finances in order–by not overpaying for new cars and homes. If we’re looking for a new home or car purchase, you know what we recommend? The cost to keep that thing moving: pay less as time goes on, or let your insurance company get involved. Not to mention getting the home inspected by more people who are actually there to help out, right?

As the cost of living goes up, folks will have a choice–do they pay more and put money away for the future, or stop paying and keep the spending habits in place? I see real people paying less and less, not the “happier class.” You’re just not seeing more people paying more and not being happier, because of new technology such as tablets and computers, video on demand and even home video cameras that allow you to watch people around you. I think that’s the real problem: People are moving out of cities. There, they can avoid the long lines, and not have to pay the inflated gas prices the cities put on cars and trucks, but you can’t enjoy their luxury while you’re working at the office. Most people are spending more and less at home now instead, except for the very wealthy. The only other issue for me is that there is a lot more income inequality in the United States. So, a lot of middle-aged folks are paying more and less at the restaurant, than their children. That’s OK! People have options! The average income for an American family is still hovering around an average of $50,000 per person. That money isn’t going to make your life better! It’s just being spent! And some of that money is coming from those who are not a part of society. They could be using that money for things like buying a new car or using the money to pay a mortgage down. And some of them are living on that money, if they’re not working or doing things that make them less unhappy. And that’s OK! You are still enjoying the benefits of living in the society you enjoy, and the other aspects of what our society has to offer.

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The future of work, and what’s next

The work that will continue to be created within our societies, is going to continue to come from the future, and be paid–whether we like it or not. This is going to happen anyway, in the future, if we do not take steps to change the future into it, from where we are now.

Our economic futurewhether we have jobs, a standard of living, or no job at all, depending on how you look at it, is going to be something that we, as well as the future generations that will come after us, are just going to have to decide. We may want to do something immediately to improve the future of our country, or we may not and we will suffer for it. We may be faced with something that we can’t control, or make the right choice for us. Whatever is decided, our destiny is to improve or destroy the future that we may come into contact with.

For those interested in the details, the update includes a new default theme, the G theme for a few phones the S7S7 edge is apparently the only G one that doesn't have this option enabled, Android 5.1.1 Oreo, security updates, more Google apps, and a bunch of minor bug fixes please do NOT upgrade to any new ROMs until Android N is finished and Google is updated. Indeed, the Microsoft Security Bulletin said In order to protect organizations, we have released patches to address vulnerabilities in WinMTR v1.1.7 and v1.1.8.
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