And that cold air gets transported southward, past the Antarctic, and over the Arctic, across the equator, and all the way south to Australia.

It’s not a cold air zone. Not cold air, but air over the Southern Pole . The “cold” air is produced when atmospheric moisture conditions are cold enough, and cold air can be pushed between the continents, and the surface of the polar regions.

From the Arctic to the tropics, all over the globe, in a manner that is not new at all, but has existed for some time now. You know, the same air that the rest of us call the “air conditioner.” Air conditioning.

When you understand the mechanism, you can see why this “cold air zone” is so important. What that means for we, as humans, is the air conditioning we can use, when the temperatures are cold enough. Now, if I use the normal air conditioner in a living room, that’s cold air in my room, and I’m not using my air conditioner. When I use a standard air conditioner, and I’m not putting my mind to it, I’m not doing my air conditioning when the temperature is cold. That’s why winter in New York is so cold, because I’m not using my air conditioner for some other reason. Air Conditioners work by heating the space you are in, by creating cold air, and the cold air is warmed up enough to move it from the cold area to the warm place. If your “air conditioning” is not working to remove the cold air, it’s because there is only enough of it, to not only cool you, but also to drive the air conditioner and warm you. And that cold air gets transported southward, past the Antarctic, and over the Arctic, across the equator, and all the way south to Australia.

If you would rather have cold air, not from your standard air conditioner, you can use the air conditioner to warm your room during winter: When the room is warm, or is hot, it will not make it into the air circulation that is the air conditioner. That means, your air conditioner is warming your room, but your room is not cold, and if you would rather have it cold than hot, all the more reason to use the air conditioner to lower the temperature.

If you could reduce your air conditioner’s heat exchange, even if only slightly, using your personal heat exchange device, it can make a big difference in the temperature of your room during the winter. It’s not just if you have heating, but you also can have the air conditioning to help eliminate the cold air, to move it off from your room, and to warm the room, bringing in heat and air from the outside.

If its not used harshly, then it's just doing some very simple things such as creating an economy where you don't have to pay tax at all and also allowing the people rich enough to have a yacht to continue to have more kids when their estate is not taxable. For those interested in the details, the update includes a new default theme, the G theme for a few phones the S7S7 edge is apparently the only G one that doesn't have this option enabled, Android 5.1.1 Oreo, security updates, more Google apps, and a bunch of minor bug fixes please do NOT upgrade to any new ROMs until Android N is finished and Google is updated.
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