I can't find any more pictures from the airport, but my friend Jennifer had the same kind of rash and the same spot in her armpit

Her mother told the Mirror : ‘ She is in a stable condition and her mother is very conscious of her condition and care for her condition.’ A hospital source tells the Mirror : “She was rushed to the hospital on Monday morning, where she is now recovering well.” China News International has a little more detail about why it’s important to have the right vaccine: Well, vaccines give you immunity for just a few days, if you are vaccinated as soon as you get sick or travel. The CDC recommends getting the MMR vaccine for everyone 2-4 years of age. The shot is required of everyone 7-11. For the person who got those shots, the chance of getting the disease is much less. However, the CDC says: “In children and adults, who have the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine, the rates of acute illness and death from diseases that can be transmitted from person-to-person are significantly less than in children who don’t receive such vaccines.” (Note: This quote from the CDC was only released this August, 2012. I had no idea how serious this thing was until after my travel) They add: “It is important to note that no two individuals get measles the same way.

“For example, one person may have a high temperature, have headaches, diarrhea, runny nose, and runny eyes. A person who has all three signs of measles will develop an ear infection, and can spread the disease around a room.” So when I was in Beijing, I didn’t actually catch a single rash. (Actually, I couldn’t find any on myself, although I had a nasty cough. And I had my blood pressure checked at the airport. It turns out that, during my last two travel stops in China, that my BP was over 150/90.) But if you take a look at most people in China at the airports (the ones with good facilities), the rash tends to be even more visible. Just google “china rash” for videos and pics.

I can’t find any more pictures from the airport, but my friend Jennifer had the same kind of rash (and the same spot in her armpit!) Now that you’ve seen both sides of the story, let’s just hope that all this doesn’t make anyone think that vaccines are really that horrible.

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As I watched the man and his team work I noticed there were a good few moments of confusion after another animal died, in my memory a few, this one more than a few. In addition to focusing on ensuring people who are most infectious and most at risk have access to the vaccine, we are also working towards establishing a nationwide surveillance model to understand and report the spread, incidence and timing of these illnesses across the country, said CDC assistant director Christopher Chapman.
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