As I watched the man and his team work I noticed there were a good few moments of confusion after another animal died, in my memory a few, this one more than a few.

It has a brain and a spinal cord that is believed to be at least 3 meters long but we do our best with what we have. The skull is covered with a thick layer of tissue but most of their body is made up of bone. The other things are in place only so we do a good job of getting a complete understanding of the animal.

The skull is so thick and heavy looking it would be more like a skeleton if it was not such a huge animal. We measured the animal at 18 - 24 inches (45 - 66 cm wide) in length and 9 - 15 inches (24 - 35 cm) in height at the shoulder. The eyes are large and wide, two big eyes and a white area in the center that is usually a skull spot. The back was covered in soft tissue with a lot of small bones. One of the few animals that I have personally ever watched die is the African elephant (elephants are not even on the list of animals we know not to grow long bones like we do. That doesn’t mean they stop growing and if you watch an elephant it looks as if it is still alive until it dies.)

As the elephant came in I moved the camera low and to the side while the animal kept eating. There were some things I found that would make for good story, a couple things were too obvious or I got too excited for the camera, you can get an idea of what the “story” was right here.

So as the elephant died the entire zoo watched it slowly die as it was being removed from the tank. Even though it was being removed I noticed that the people in the animal tank were looking at the elephant in the tank as they worked.

There was a few moments of silent contemplation. As the elephant slowly died it started making sounds, each one coming out clearly, the sound being larger and louder than the other. It might have been the dying sound which is my guess.

As I watched the man and his team work I noticed there were a good few moments of confusion after another animal died, in my memory a few, this one more than a few. This is how I came to find this interesting article:

For that reason I have some questions, will the people in the elephant tank have any idea what they are witnessing?

Are the people that work in the elephant tank supposed to have a clue as to what they are playing at?

If everyone around them is playing along and it was all a good-luck charm, why didn’t this elephant just be born as an animal, or even a man? I think I am beginning to see how “glamour traps” can be such a big problem for animals.

What was that “story” we have not heard about yet? If they think they are the only ones in the zoo I wonder what other elephants have been in the zoo? I’m kind of sure that the last animal to be killed was the elephant. Did you know that the “elephant” that died and brought back for the public display was a female? If she was the last elephant to be killed would she like to meet her final resting place? I want to know if she is still in the elephant tank by herself or does her family look after her? We only go to see the women in the women’s exhibit. It would have been great to think about the possibility that she was also the last animal to be killed. I wonder if she will actually be in the rest of the animals, or if we will see her “discovery” at the end of a story and not right there during our viewing.

If there are not any elephants in the zoo, are they all going to die? How many “discoveries” have happened between dead elephants and people visiting on a daily basis who are not elephants themselves? Were we so lucky a year ago?

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