I can guarantee that a person interested in acquiring the estate would obtain the required consent of the community prior to taking possession and that the home would be restored to its original function.

He’ll bid $1.48 million for the ranch of 865 acres north of the Hollywood and Highland malls, for which he is selling. He expects to sell about 700 acres in Westwood, where there are apartments, warehouses, a horse farm and a horse training center. He has bought a 50-acre block that lies west of the Beverly Center and west of the Hollywood and Highland (including the Hollywood Forever Plaza) for $1.15 million. And he’s asking $3.04 million for a one-acre ranch near Santa Monica, which includes a 3.6-megawatt turbine generating station and a 1.5-megawatt solar array. Since March 2, Criss has sold 25 lots. Last month, he sold the 975-acre Santa Ana County ranch northeast of Malibu for $2 million, and he may sell a 700-acre farm northwest of the Malibu Airport.

Last week in Bel-Air, Michael Douglas got a raise from his third wife, singer-songwriter Gwen Stefani, not enough to stop his divorce from actress Sienna Miller. Douglas is asking $1.1 million for his new Bel-Air home, which includes a 1,000-seat country music theater where they have been married for 31 years, and it includes a guest house, pool, and a guest house with tennis court and a guest house with a pool and a barbecue. He has seven cars and he sold the two others that were in the mansion.

The actor is also in negotiations to buy a Bel-Air house for his second wife, model Jennifer Aniston, but she has not commented on the news.

The $7.6-million listing for Tijuana’s 548-acre J. J. Chater Ranch. The home was built in 1919 as a gift to a Mexican landowner to be used by her to sell to the Mexican railroad, but later used for cattle ranching and even became the home of actress Kate Millett’s mother. “For the benefit of the community, I purchased the ranch and offered to return it to its original function,” said J.J. Chater in an April 10 release. “I can guarantee that a person interested in acquiring the estate would obtain the required consent of the community prior to taking possession and that the home would be restored to its original function.”

The listing for Los Feliz’s 5,600-acre Lodi Ranch. The tract is near a gas station, gas station near a playground, playground, gas station, several restaurants, two churches, a playground, a high school and elementary school, several businesses–including a grocery store, a jewelry shop, a meat and eggs market, a pet store, a shoe repair shop, a beauty salon, a massage parlor–and a home. The ranch became a private private community with 14 single-family homes, and the home of an ex-husband is also near the ranch.

Also last month, “The Apprentice” actor Matt Damon is asking $1.1 million for the estate of his mother-in-law, Rosemary Gallman. Last Tuesday, he sent his agent, Rob Weinrich, a letter outlining the reasons why– and the $1.1 million figure is up for auction. Weinrich has been doing this for several months now, and he sold a home for $250,000 at the end of March. “I think Damon will do well by bidding,” said Weinrich. Last spring, the actor bought the former home of actress Connie Chung which she rented to the restaurant chain Yum-Yum in 2009. Damon also has a mansion in Chatsworth, a two-story house in Bel Air, a five-bedroom house near Beverly Center and another house in Hollywood.

Last week on “The Jeff Ross Show”, Ross noted that “everyone is going to love” his home in Beverly Hills, but “it’s still a mansion.” We don’t know what that means, but at least it’s on view.

People who feel they have a right to their own bodies and may even have criminal records, will go to greater lengths for their own safety and protection, when they are exposed to the person who they are thinking of using as a target for sexual assault. With the league in discussion about an enhanced pain guideline, Tagovailoa has set up an online platform to offer patients what he calls a toolbox to reduce injuries.
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