So, if you are ready to dive into the new and exciting world of animation, this method is for you.. but note you will have a long lag time first, so you may have to wait a few months to see the fruits of your labor.

But I guess that’s not enough! I’d recommend you visit their website, as it shows them adding several new shows. In fact I’d recommend visiting their site and going to “Recent Releases”. Then, scroll down to this link “Last 24 Shows” and click on the one you want. Now, if you go to “Recent Releases” again, you’ll see there’s 6 more series that were added to the list. Please note, it cannot be more than once. So who are these new shows? Well,HBO and TNT have licensed these programs for their web. In fact, most of these programs are available on the web. However, I’d highly recommend that you check them out, and make sure that something you want is there.

To sum everything up, Titmouse can go one of 5 ways: 1) An old school method, where they put two old titles in one trailer and hope a cable audience forgets what has been done before 2) A new, young adult variety show which has the ability to be a web series but doesn’t require cable 3) An ad campaign for a cable show that the cable guys already have a show in 4) a re-imagining of a cable show that will air. Here’s a short recap on each method for the purposes of this review:

“Old School Method” The Old School Method is more of a traditional means of releasing an animated series. Since many of these older cartoon programs have now been released on the web, its easy for these web studios to put out new web series which will not be available on cable. It is important to note that while the older shows are being released on the web, they are still airing.

“Newer, Young Adult” (NGAA) This method has been gaining popularity in recent years. They release newer shows on the web, such as The Orville and the new Disney/Pixar animated film Moana . This method of releasing new TV shows is not only new, it’s more unique. They do not use any titles from the older shows, instead they add more original content. It is important to note, as it is done with an old-school method, some original content may come out. It’s easy to get caught up in the content now, especially if it is great content. But the downside is that, because such shows do not have any cable deal, they are not able to gain similar numbers for their old-school website. Even so, many web studios are doing this, but it may not be as much as the other 2 methods.

“Re-imagining of a Cable Show” (RABO) This is often thought of as an old-style method. The main difference between this method and newer or older methods is that this method is done digitally, which means that this method is cheaper. Its also hard to predict the popularity of something digitally created, especially with something like Moana . And as an added bonus, there is no need for a cable deal. So, if you are ready to dive into the new and exciting world of animation, this method is for you.. but note you will have a long lag time first, so you may have to wait a few months to see the fruits of your labor. For some of you, I would recommend not getting into the new media too much when you start out. I’m guessing, your first series might be the first season of a series you did see through the tube, especially with it being available to you, through your cable, on the internet.

“Web Series” Most of these web series do not have the same budget as traditional TV, and many of them are being added more on a regular basis. This method often creates more independent stories than the old-school method’s approach. Although this method is new, you might be able to pick it up, and it can be an alternative source of income for many. The biggest drawback to this method is that, it often creates a much smaller audience, than that of the old-school method will. That said, these web shows are highly entertaining, and some can still be had on the web. Keep an eye out on this site, and stay tuned to my site for new web series updates.

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