Dylan Larkin to Calgary Flames for Cam Talbot , Nikita Tryamkin , and a conditional round pick.

So let’s discuss the trade.

Since there is no “hockey trade” in the NHL, let’s talk about a potential player from Detroit. The Red Wings need a backup goalie, a second-pair center, and a third-pair winger.

Dylan Larkin to Calgary Flames for Cam Talbot , Nikita Tryamkin , and a conditional round pick.

There is a ton of depth on this list, but one of the bigger holes is at the top of their depth chart. As we mentioned, the Red Wings don’t know what they have on their depth chart at the forward position. They did sign Michael Cammalleri, and could go as far as using him as a top-six forward, but there are four other players of that caliber on the team. If you count the top six forwards, there are six forwards, only three of whom are younger than 17 years old: Tomas Tatar, Henrik Zetterberg, and Darren Helm.

The only way the Red Wings can truly address the need for a forward with depth is with a trade. They cannot add another talented forward in either or their prospect pool. They have been known for being desperate for a defenseman, so the Flames do not mind trading two high picks in exchange for a young, controllable defenseman. The Red Wings have two highly-regarded prospects at defenseman in Gustav Nyquist and Danny DeKeyser. It would go against the current system, but the Flames need depth to improve their defensive depth.

The best scenario would be to move both Nyquist and DeKeyser, however for any Red Wings fan, this sounds ridiculous. This could be the easiest way to take a couple of the best players on this list and turn them into one of the best, if they were to be swapped.

If the Flames wish to get something substantial in return, the Red Wings would have to accept it. They already traded Larkin for an asset because the team needed to pay one of their defenseman, and only one player, to keep the contract for several seasons. If the Flames are willing to trade Larkin, they definitely will need to include a prospect for an asset back in the deal. This would make some sense to me, but I’d be surprised if the Flames wanted this for the next couple of years.

I have no idea if the Flames would trade both guys, but I can tell you that any team trading two high picks in exchange for one of them, on its own, is insane. The Red Wings are probably going to have more value in Tyler Myers and Pavel Datsyuk rather than Larkin and DeKeyser. I can even get the Flames to agree to this, since Myers and Datsyuk are likely the most complete skaters, but not many teams would be willing to give up an asset that might have been a starter for them. This makes little sense, but it may be the only way to get something for Larkin, since the last two are locked into long-term deals.

For those of you that want the Red Wings to do something, it’s best just to hold off and not make a trade unless Larkin is on his way out.

What do you think? Will the Flames go after him? What would you do if Larkin and/or DeKeyser want a move?

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