I believe that this creation needed to happen with much more deliberate effort as a result of the effects of Neolithic people moving into an environment more conducive to agriculture and population growth.

As humans, we are descended from the Neanderthals, but our ancestors were much more closely related to the Neapolitans than they were to Denisovans (and vice versa). The two groups coexisted in the past (some paleontologists say until the modern humans were around 20k years old). And now, we have evidence (thanks to an incredible “micro-review”!) that Homo sapiens had interbred with Neolithic humans at least a million years ago , as both groups were still sharing the same environment at the time. At some point, the Neanderthals migrated out of what is thought of as Africa into the Middle East and Europe , and as the Neovans left Africa to get to the Eurasian continent, the H. sapiens (or their ancestors) started their long journey. I’ll skip to the end and do the very last sentence (that’s a very important sentence–and I haven’t even mentioned the obvious implications of the genetic data or the new information): “The arrival of H. sapiens in Europe probably coincided with the advent of the Neolithic Revolution, which was more effective than any pre-Neolithic technological advance in creating a new environment suitable for human occupation.”

As we can now definitively identify that humans were able to adapt to a new environment and create an environment conducive to co-existence, the theory of human evolution has been thrown out, and modern humans emerged as a distinctspecies. If we weren’t human , we wouldn’t be here now. The Neolithic Revolution

The Neolithic revolution in Neolithic Europe occurred when agriculture supplanted hunting and gathering in the region. In particular, large-scale agriculture changed the nature of the landscape, including the introduction of many diseases. As the Neolithic population grew past what would normally be considered the “acceptable” level, Neolithic people started moving into Europe and other more populated areas. By the end of the Holocene, up to 15% of the world’s populations lived in Europe (including those in the Middle East).

But, as mentioned in the introduction, the first Neolithic settlements predated the coming of the modern human population into Europe. The first Neolithic civilizations appear in Eurasia (and even earlier in the northern African, Indian, and Pacific island groups). In a few decades, the first large-scale Neolithic cities with permanent settlements appeared. The first cities and villages to appear over several centuries were cities in Southern Europe . There has been a significant movement of people into Europe over the last two thousand years, but since around 10,000 BCE, humans have been moving into more and more areas of the world, notably the New World and Australia, but in the European Mediterranean, there are fewer and fewer living Neolithic sites . So, you might be wondering why this new story of Human Evolutionary History would want us to accept a scenario of only human origin, when there’s so much evidence to the contrary?

Here’s my argument for the following: The theory of human evolution must not only be explained by an intelligent designer, but it must also be explained by a deity who is responsible for everything that was or is happening at any given time. For the purposes of this discussion, I understand as one hypothesis (or possibly several), but it has to be explained by a creator and not just the effects of natural processes. In my view, the creator (God in English) had to have had an awareness of the existence of the world, our nature and our place within the universe, and the nature of human life and the Earth itself.

Note that I use “creator” as a synonym for “prophet,” because both are the same sort of thing. When it is a human creating or explaining anything through the powers of his or her mind, we have to say that it was not God, but rather His hand. You can call it the creator or the prophet.

So, if the God I revere wasn’t the “creator” of this world and the universe, it would be necessary for me to accept a human designer (or creator) and a “higher intelligence” in order to accept the creation and evolution of our species.

As it stands, though, the existence of a creator was needed to explain the existence of our species.

However, all of that’s very relevant to the Neolithic Revolution and the “creation” of the neolithic civilizations. I believe that this creation needed to happen with much more deliberate effort as a result of the effects of Neolithic people moving into an environment more conducive to agriculture and population growth. As we can see from the description of the Neolithic “revolution,” the Neolithic communities required much more skilled craftsmen, which meant that very young children could not perform many tasks on their own. With more skilled craftsmen, it is clear that younger children were capable of performing some tasks. Moreover, while a Neolithic society doesn’t need an elaborate

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