The panel was also asked how they would react to receiving favorable recommendations from reviewers of the new Shonen Jump, and the answers were pretty much We don't care

————————– * * Manga Magazine #13 - April, 2005 The Jump Square Panel (New Issue) ————————– In a report from the Jump Square Panel for Shonen Jump, the publication’s editorial staff announced that the official logo to use this year’s Jump Square will be The Return of Akame ga Kill, a Jump Square event scheduled for the summer. The panel also announced that the official title (and cover for the issue) will be Kemono no Soujaikimono, the official title of the new Jump Square. [Edit: In a Japanese release of the new Jump Square, the word “Jump Square” is replaced by “Jump Square Game”.] At the Jump Square Panel, the panel was live-cast with director Hiroyuki Okiura (A Certain Magical Index, High School DxD), who also worked as editor for Akame ga Kill and High School DxD. During the panel, they were asked what kind of reaction their work had had. The responses included “awesome”, “pretty cool” and people saying “It’s quite interesting”. They also received an enthusiastic response from viewers. - The first official Jump Square will be a special issue titled Akame ga Kill. While we can not confirm if the new Jump Square will be a prequel/sequel, the panel indicated that each issue of Weekly Shonen Jump will have an original tie-in manga. - The panel was also asked how they would react to receiving favorable recommendations from reviewers of the new Shonen Jump, and the answers were pretty much “We don’t care!!!” The panel also said that the first series for the new Jump Square will “probably not be a manga.” - From the panel, it was also shown that Akame ga Kill will not be a prequel. From the panel, Akame ga Kill will be a story set ten years after the first game. - The Panel also announced that A Certain Magical Index, High School DxD, Assassination Classroom, and Fate/Zero (all from Fuji TV) will be participating in the panel. - (Original Message) [Source] ——————

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As always, thanks to the translation team in the PSX archive for hosting this! ————————– - The New Jump Square! ————————– During a panel at Jump Square 2007, members from all 17 Jump Square magazines talked about their ideas for the upcoming Jump Square. For example, Akame ga Kill’s editor in chief, Jun Nakamura, mentioned that, from what we know of Akame ga Kill being a prequel/sequel, it would make sense for the game to be set a good while after the first game. A Certain Magical Index’s director of photography, Kenichi Takagami, also admitted that, while they are aware that they are not planning to show the sequel to A Certain Magical Index, the series will make an appearance sometime in the future. The panel ended with the announcement that: “The official title of Jump Square for 2007 is Jump Square Game!!!” This also referred to all 17 Jump Square magazines, and it would be cool to share how they would go about working up a title for the new Jump Square. [Note: The names of Jump Square publications was changed to preserve their original names, with the exception of Houbunsha, which was left intact.] One of the “major” ideas that was mentioned is that, this time around, the new Jump Square will have a tie-in manga. As long as they are able to obtain the original characters and settings, if there are any possible ways to make the manga series tie-in with the games, this would be one part. If the Jump Square were to tie-in with a manga, I believe that the editor-in-chief would have the final say in deciding which character and setting should be used. Regarding characters, it would make sense for the new Jump Square to be a character with a different role or one that is a “unique” character. For example, if the new Jump Square had their own spin-off series and had a hero that was part of the original game, it might make sense to use that as the hero’s name. Also, I believe that in the beginning, the editors would not want to use “Akame Ga Kill” as a title, but due to the popularity of the first game, it would make sense for the panel to use this as the title. While the main subject the panel touched upon was the “Tetranomical Breakthrough” idea of the current Jump Square, one of the “partially” related points was the “The Big Reveal” of the upcoming Jump Square Game. The announcement began with a comment from an editor of the magazine in regards to recent games. The editor stated that they have had the opportunity to play the new Jump Square, and while the majority felt that it was a very polished game, one particular reviewer suggested that the game was “not just good

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