The size or shape of a lime also helps make it stand out from other vegetables, both in appearance and taste, and is why they are called the world's most delicious fruit.

He also said that in his experience that “the only way to make money is to make life give you limes”. And if you take a peek under his bed, you’ll find a bucket of lime that is not far from me.

But let’s imagine, for comparison, a world that does not have limes at all. If there are no limes, then when you cook some olives, they end up just a bit mushy. Does that sound like a sustainable food? Perhaps not.

This is where the lime comes in. It is also where limes originated from as I mentioned earlier. Limes are small fruit that are eaten in tropical climates as they are a high in protein which helps increase brain efficiency as well as blood flow to the brain. The size or shape of a lime also helps make it stand out from other vegetables, both in appearance and taste, and is why they are called the “world’s most delicious fruit”. I’ve even heard of a story of one of my favorite childhood friends who didn’t like eating limes, he made up a story where he was in a lye bath and it caused him to get sick. Even a lye bath is pretty nasty, so, no. Even if he did become sick, he should have been able to stop eating limes, right?

So, when it comes to the lime, it’s just a plant, but at the same time it’s an impressive vegetable. How do limes live in the ocean, well, that story goes that, for the sake of science, you can put them in the ocean. Once they get there, it is just a matter of keeping them out of direct sunlight, and in that aspect, it has been a fantastic success. You can get them from any grocery store, although they can also be found at health food stores and produce markets around the area. (You might even need a limesaver)

The rest of the story for the lime (in fact, for all things citrus) is this: it absorbs carbon dioxide, which is a greenhouse gas, into the soil so the lime can take advantage of all its excess light. During the summer, it can bloom all its colors. It also takes the same amount of the chemical oxygen from the atmosphere. Limes are an excellent source of vitamin C and carotenoid, which boosts energy production, and are also high in fiber and vitamin A. The fact that limes are also a good source of potassium helps to balance out the calorie intake, as well as being a good source of iodine. Finally, to reduce the risk of skin cancer, scientists think that eating less limes might reduce the incidence of certain types of cancer. In other words, don’t get a lime stuck in your shoes. Just put it out of harms way, and move on. Limes are great for you. Just don’t get into the ocean, because it takes the lime for a little while to get out of the ground.

When I was a kid, my favorite place to have limes was at my mom’s house. It was the kind of place a grown up would not normally go, and even my father was not invited. So I found myself a place that was much cooler, even though everyone in the neighborhood did not want it, so I went. On a cold January day, we sat around, and a young boy came in and poured some lime juice into a cup for us. He also offered a lemon rind and added some sugar to the cup, to sweeten it up. Then he handed me the cup and asked me to drink some. After the first cup of the juice, I felt woozy from the lack of oxygen. But by the time I finished the first cup, the kid took out the rest of the lime juice. So I finished the rest of the juice, and then he brought out the rind, which he held for me to eat. When I asked him where the kid had done that to the rind, he answered, “I didn’t say, did you. He told me.” That was the greatest experience of my life! But not nearly as fun as the fact that I had found such a cool place to have limes. Later that day, my mom got a call from a colleague, who told her everything I had told you about limes. My mom, in her wisdom, said she was not going to drink the fresh lime juice without asking the kid. So I told her to go ahead and get her brother to do it for her instead. It was an honor to have him help out my mom, in fact, it was

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