It is also interesting to note that I was able to download a version of the game from Google Play a few weeks ago, while Lucky Star is currently listed as Coming Soon.

Lucky Star was supposed to release in November, but the project was delayed by months, and Lucky Star still isn’t ready. It looks to me like the release will come in 2017.

Starring you as a space-hero trying to get to the center of the galaxy, this game seems very promising. They released a free preview release only a few weeks ago, which was nice. You manage your ship and earn Credits by destroying the other ship in the system. You have to pick up the credits you lose to the asteroid which can be turned into Credits by either the other asteroid player or the pirate in the system. You will have to work with the other players to build up a fleet and have them go to other targets around the system. If your ship is detected, you are then attacked by the other player in the system, and the score is tallied. If you are detected on multiple planets, there will be other players trying to get your credits, and the game will add a bonus if at least one of your ship (and at least one other player’s ship) is destroyed in the battle. Some people might prefer the base game, where each player is a big blob of ships in the middle of the star system, so that adds more focus on the overall game, but the game is in alpha right now, and they would probably like to spend time polishing the graphics. Also, the free beta test isn’t in the same space as the free release, so it is possible the game might not be on the list in December.

Lucky Star is a simple retro game, where you control a ship traveling on an asteroid, and collecting the various rewards will help power that ship’s ship. There are not many planets, and the game will play fairly similar to Asteroids where there might be a few tricky asteroids. A single player vs. AI is in the works, although it might be some time before the developer gets together with the right team to put together a demo. It is also interesting to note that I was able to download a version of the game from Google Play a few weeks ago, while Lucky Star is currently listed as “Coming Soon”.

I have been reading a lot of new mobile game news and development stories recently, and it turns out this game was always very interesting to me. The game started as a short game called “The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress”, which went on to receive an iOS and Android release and was then converted into a full game that is now called “Lucky Star”. They released a new beta, not only for the old devices, but also for the tablets of yesterday. Both are fully playable, with some minor game balancing bugs such as the ability to fly around in the middle of the screen for a while. The game will feature many galaxies, and the planets do look particularly nice on the tablets. Although their original plan was to make the game as a single player experience, they are now looking at porting to the iPad, Android tablet, and touch devices. It would also be great to see a Mac build of the game, perhaps in the form of Lunar, which is also being ported by Starlabs to the Mac.

This is, apparently, the first game by Starlabs, a Swedish company founded in September of 2014, they have been around for a while with a dozen games but only recently made it into the Top 50 all time on App Store. Their latest title is “My Story”, which you play as a narrator who gets captured by evil forces. When they first met up with you it was basically just a simple survival horror experience, but now they are looking at having a complete game, where you will play as a hero or heroine. I didn’t get to play it during its alpha stage, but I would assume this will be very similar to those games. Since none of the characters are speaking much gibberish, it would be great to have a game so you don’t quite understand their dialogue, although I would prefer if they took a page out of Silent Hill’s book. I could not find any details about a Beta version, but since the developer is in Seattle right now, presumably a release date will be announced soon.

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