Reuters 536 20 April Political football David Cameron's footballloving credentials received a kicking at a campaign event in Croydon after he suggested to the audience he supported West Ham despite previously claiming he was a huge Aston Villa fan.

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1/36 25 April:m-run services scandal In April 2014, it was revealed that Thomas Cook had secretly recorded top executives discussing how to cut costs, in a case that shocked the company’s employees. The Hollywood branch of the Italian food service giant was found to have illegally recorded HR staff reviewing a secret plan to cut costs, the BBC reports. Rex Features 2/36 24 April: The Sainsbury’s scandal The store chief was forced to resign in disgrace over a hint of a smeary agenda after a chief executive was found to have secretly filmed himself smoking a cigar during a meeting. The company’s chief executive was secretly recorded appearing to describe a picnic he was giving to customers in Sainsbury’s, a store core to the business. Attorney general Jeremy Wright described the video footage as “pathetic and offensive” Getty Images 3/36 23 April: DUP on gay marriage An early supporter of the DUP told The Telegraph he was proud to be married to a gay partner. Mark Dobson said he was standing down as the party’s leader after the Brexit vote. “I want to do it this way for the good of the party and the country,” he said. “If it needs to be said, done and fixed then so be it.” Nigel Dodd/PA Wire 4/36 22 April: The Ed and Boris bust-up In what was widely hailed as the best bit of election TV so far, Ed Miliband and Boris Johnson clashed head-to-head in angry scenes live on the Andrew Marr Show, forcing their usually genial host to intervene and tell the pair of them to “shut up”. The increasingly animated London Mayor repeated personal attacks over Mr Miliband ‘stabbing his brother in the back’, while the Labour leader got in some jibes of his own about Mr Johnson’s Eton education. Reuters 5/36 20 April: Political football David Cameron’s football-loving credentials received a kicking at a campaign event in Croydon after he suggested to the audience he supported West Ham- despite previously claiming he was a huge Aston Villa fan. When asked about his sudden change in loyalty, Cameron later said he was still a Villa fan and blamed the slip up on a ‘brain fade’. PA 6/36 19 April: NI minister ‘homophobia’ Jim Wells, the DUP Health Minister of Northern Ireland, resigned after saying children are greater Civil Rights victims than terrorists. He had said: “You don’t bring a child up in a homosexual relationship. That a child is greater civil rights victim than terrorist victim, so I said during the election campaign that I was no way involved in a candidate for West Ham- that’s the conclusion I was drawing.” Wells had been ambassador to the UK since 1995 and served as a minister of State for Northern Ireland from 1997 to 2002. He lost his Twickenham seat and was reinstated in a by-election in 2008. Getty Images 7/36 18 April: Stranded on a ferry between Good Friday and Ashford On You To The New River, a group of women were left stranded on a ferry in Northern Ireland after they asked to disembark. In a controversial move, the ferry operator told the women to rise above the water and collect themselves at an unnamed point on the shore. However, many on social media believe the women were subjected to discrimination. Echoing the concerns of some others, some tweeted that the women had been “roughed up” at the point of assistance at a family camp nearby. Rex 8/36 16 April: Gunman George Cavendish An elderly man was shot dead after a fire engulfed a stationary police vehicle in west London. A police officer survived the incident but was left traumatised by the sequence of events following a battle with gunman Andy Burnham. PA 9/36 15 April: Union leader tells Theresa May to ‘Go and Make Love’ in a dramatic speech in, Belfast City Hall. Theresa May saved her second question for the day, denying any part in the DUP’s statements and left it to the leaders of the Conservative and Labour parties to outline their views on Northern Ireland. Rex Features 10/36 14 April: Labour ‘metaphors’ A Labour candidate was forced to apologise for “getting carried away with colourful metaphors” after making a joke about being caught in a threesome with Ed Miliband and a goat. Clive Lewis, a former reporter for BBC Look East who is now standing in Norwich South, said “anything could happen” when asked if he could be beaten by the Greens. After the Miliband example caused a bit of a backlash he added: “If anyone was genuinely offended then I’m sincerely sorry for that.” Rex Features 11/36 13 April: Mossos defaced NFL flag during match The NFL has been forced to implement enhanced security measures following rumours that Members of the public were depicting the Israeli flag poorly. A group of fans

Click Here For Larger Image A lot of people like to call me a Nick Diaz whisperer but that is just a fancy term for all of my MMA podcasts and articles. For a while there, there were some people who were actually looking forward to actually chatting in the app, and now only a handful of those have found out how much time and effort they have to spend watching their messages show up on their phone.
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