No disrespect to Floyd Mayweather Jr., but McGregor has been in some trouble over the past two years, and this fight is big just to get his story out of the shadow of what exactly happened.

It’s a time for celebration and I’ve got myself some great reasons to celebrate. Let’s get started.

The fight

This is the first thing that pops into my head when I think of Conor McGregor, the UFC featherweight champion. My hope is to give our readers an even better understanding of a fighter who is already on the rise to become a superstar. Some might look at this as a fight to see who is going to be McGregor’s first step to the main event of the UFC, but I don’t believe that is true. I believe that Conor McGregor is a big opportunity with a huge opportunity, and I know that I can give your viewers the best of both worlds that we can offer. Just like the guy who got the last laugh, he is willing to take on anyone and put his own name on that belt.

No disrespect to Floyd Mayweather Jr., but McGregor has been in some trouble over the past two years, and this fight is big just to get his story out of the shadow of what exactly happened. His name may be at the top of the fight card, but he doesn’t have to worry that people will just stop watching because he isn’t a good fighter. He doesn’t have long to reach his full potential here, and that is precisely what this fight has worked against him. The fight is going to be interesting, I promise.

You’ll notice that I mentioned Conor before I mentioned Floyd Mayweather Jr. This is because Conor is going to be playing a big role in boxing. And, I know for a fact that he is getting a chance to prove that he is the best fighter in the world when he faces Floyd Mayweather during the main event on Saturday night.

There are some problems that most people with a knowledge of boxing will have with the fight between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather. The first and foremost is that Conor is a brawler and Floyd Mayweather is a great one. That’s not a bad thing. This fight is no different.

As for the fight itself, people have said all about it before. When people say how it is going to look for McGregor, I am not going to disagree. Of course there are some flaws to be found, but for most of you, these flaws are going to be a little difficult to handle right away. If McGregor loses, it will be because of a lack of fundamentals. While if he wins this fight, he has a unique and unique opportunity to further his career. He won’t be alone in this, and I feel like it is the type of opportunity that can get McGregor over the hump and to the top of his game. When people talk about the potential of McGregor’s boxing, there is always a chance that they are forgetting one fact, which is that Conor McGregor will be facing a super athlete. Not a super boxer, but an elite fighter that is the highest rated boxer that I can think of. I’ve written about this guy before, here and here , and I will write more about him soon. I want to add one thing, however. I don’t think that Conor McGregor is as good as I think he is. I can’t think of three other MMA fighters out there that are as good as Floyd Mayweather, and the way that I see it, this opportunity can not be passed up. It is a golden opportunity for Conor, and he won’t let going against what many think is a bad matchup stop him from going all-out to try to prove that he is more than just a brawler.

The boxing is going to be more than just another thing that a fighter can do during a fight, and I’m excited for it. Now I know that this goes against what many people think, but if you need an example of why this guy might be a better boxer than I think he is, just take a look at Ali’s KO of Joe Frazier. The fact that Ali won the fight, the fact that he had to stay down for the majority of the fight, the fact that he had to work harder than any other fighter to win, that he didn’t leave with a silver star for knocking Frazier off his feet, that he went on to defend his title against Frazier’s son, George Foreman, in the futurethis guy is going to have a very unique opportunity to get close with Floyd Mayweather. The main thing is, he probably won’t win the fight, but don’t be surprised if he ends up winning because of him.

While it can be argued that, with the exception of Floyd Mayweather Jr., he is an average mixed martial artist, there probably is someone out there that can become a better and better fighter with the proper training. This guy is currently doing everything that his opponents want him to do. I would be surprised if he doesn

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