The interior layout looks pretty much as it would in the other films, with a long hallway and multiple sections of the room that have a specific purpose.

I’m personally very positive about the results, but it will be interesting to see the end result on film. Let’s get cracking. We’ll begin by taking a look at the actual images of the new sets from Episode IX :

From a technical perspective, this could be seen as a more straightforward take on the first set from the other films. They are basically the same exact sets, but now with some additional elements that were not found on the first movie. Although the lighting can get a little overbearing, the set has some cool and varied elements that make for a look that is well executed.

The first thing that immediately grabs you is the size of the ships. There are 3 large ships that are spaced further apart than ever before. In the first installment of this series, I found it quite the disconcerting sight when visiting the set from one of the smaller spacecrafts. A couple shots where the ships actually rotate and sail in-stead of just floating around, it is a really cool change. With more action in this film, we can expect the ships to be more active. In fact, we can be pretty confident that we will see one of the bigger ships at some point. So, to recap, there are 4 large ships of about 20-23,000 pounds. A little over 11,000 is a small space vehicle, but I’m sure it’s going to be one of the first big ships that we see in this film.

From a aesthetic perspective, this sets are very similar to those, but from a different perspective. The ships themselves seem to be built fairly simply and with some modern design touches. For instance, there appears to be something of an anti-grav mechanism installed in the engine room of one ship, reminiscent of a real space ship. The interiors and cabins are also very similar, with the exception of the larger ships. You can see in the pictures above that they are actually different on both the interior and exterior. The crew compartments, though, are pretty much identical due to the lack of interior movement.

I think the “grav-trough” is in the engine room a large “spokes frame” with a large shaft and, of course, the large, black “holographic” device that you can see in the ship. It was interesting to note that the only way in or out of the room is to use a small cable, instead of large walkway or stairs. Also interesting is the fact that the ship looks somewhat like it has a forward hull and aft “wings”. It also doesn’t look any different than the other vessels out there.

With regard to the exterior, we can see in the pictures how much of the ship has been re-arranged, even the outside of the bridge! The interior layout looks pretty much as it would in the other films, with a long hallway and multiple sections of the room that have a specific purpose. When I said that the interior layout was not a departure from the original designs, I actually had to double check to make sure that I was doing the right thing. There are, however, some notable differences that are noticeable. Most noticeable on the exterior is the lack of red trim. If this wasn’t present then the ship would not look much different, but it definitely is. I suspect this was done in an effort to keep the “ghostly” effects effect we were promised in the first film as it would be very hard to keep the effects and visuals to look realistic on a small scale. Also, note the “bridge” seen on the exterior. A very similar structure to that seen on the TIE fighter - though, this was not a CGI replacement, just a different layout. The most obvious difference in the interior is the lack of a bridge. While I don’t think the bridge will be used in the film, I suspect it will at least not serve the same purpose that the previous bridge did. It will serve the same purpose as the first and second bridge (and the others that have been shown). I suspect, though, that there will be some sort of “access panel” built into the bridge. This is a little less likely to happen than the first look showed since the exterior of the bridge had a very large area that would have limited the use of the section. From the looks of it that will be the case on Enterprise, with all the interior and exterior changes. One of the first things that I noticed is that the bridge looks somewhat similar to the second deck at Deep Space Nine. I would even go as far to say that it looks somewhat like the exterior of the second deck of Deep Space Nine at times. It is also important if you are a fan of Picard’s Enterprise which you

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