It was not normal to be grabbed like that, which was the second week of Harvey Weinstein's sexual assault trial in New York featured more dramatic testimony and graphic allegations..

I had read what he told me and I was shocked. I said to him, “This is not normal.” He grabbed my lips and squeezed. I pushed him away and he said, “I’m sorry, that’s all that matters.” His hands came up to my butt. I said, “Why do I need to know that?” So he says, “I’m sorry, that’s all that matters.” He put his hands in my pants and touched me over my underwear. He had grabbed that piece of fabric and was rubbing it on my crotch. He was looking at me like I’m the “naughty girl”put me there. This was not what I was used to. It was not normal to be grabbed like that, which was the second week of Harvey Weinstein’s sexual assault trial in New York featured more dramatic testimony and graphic allegations..

This time I was in the corner and I didn’t do anything . I was pretty embarrassed. I didn’t want to make any of the women with whom the jury was hearing. I was kind of a little scared. I just didn’t want to make them angry. But the guy sat there for about five hours. Then he came back. He said that he couldn’t help it that the women were looking for him. It was his fault that they were looking. I didn’t like that, you know, and I said, “I’m sorry, that’s all that matters.” Then he got up, he left. So I said to nobody in the courtroom, “I’m not a perfect human being” .

He goes up to me again. I thought for a long time, I couldn’t come back to the bar and walk around with him. I said to him. You’ve ruined my life. I said, “Please, my life is ruined. I’m not going to make anyone madI’m sorry.” So after he left I felt like I wanted to go into a restaurant, eat, and have a nice dinner. I didn’t want to go back to the bar. It was kind of a humiliating moment. He went onto the stage and sat next to me and started talking about how happy he was that he had a sexual encounter and how it could make him feel good and that it didn’t matter if these women were ugly, they were attractive, they were smart, they were smart-looking, or dumb, they were talented, they were talented in everything.he just said he was great and that was all that mattered. He said he had a great time and that he had a great time with me and it mattered what happened between us. He tried to put me down for a long time, and I refused. So there is a bit of denial, but I try to live by the grace of Godwe will never know all the details of that night, the time frame of that night, the events leading to. What will ever happen between our two marriages. And, I don’t know . We’re not like that. These things happen for us. When I read it and felt it, it’s like, “Wow.” I feel like maybe the woman who is called Gwyneth Paltrow should have been in the witness box. Maybe the woman who was looking in the mirror should be in the witness box. I just want I can be a good wife to my spouse. And I can be a good friend. I want a better wife to myself. And those are all things that were in the mind of Harvey Weinstein over many years. These are all things that were in his mind over a long period of time. So I want to try to live in a better world when we were married and now that I haven’t been married before. And I wonder why .

There are women who have left all kinds of abusive marriages, I mean the whole concept that somehow you can be “fixed.” And certainly that’s what those women have gone through so many times. The women in my situation weren’t “fixed,” they were in this place of trying to escape and attempting to escape the male-driven culture that has come into the women’s reproductive choices in terms of abortion, contraceptives, and their ability to move forward and give birth and to educate and take care of themselves and their children. That’s always been the problem. The women in my situation couldn’t escape and didn’t want to “fix.” “Fix the marriage,” “Fix the husband,” “Fix the children” . They were just struggling and trying to find what works for them. I think the way I am, and to some degree in the women that we worked with, was a catalyst. Our story really began with telling those women about my experience. I believe so strongly about abortion and the ways to protect and protect that it’s so important to us that we can get rid of our babies when we are in those difficult months that the doctors are telling us we shouldn’t have babies . Not the baby’s health or the baby’s life or the baby’s health

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