It makes the whole scene look a bit staged, not to mention that the headlight and tail light were just a few feet to the right of where they were supposed to be.

So I called a few of my old friends and they could not say no to the job.

It’s a lot of work, but this is a job that is fun. I have plenty of other interesting jobs and projects to do. This is a job that does not have to be done in 5 days. I’m ready to get back onto the road, a road that never really stopped me in the past. “The next big thing in film is going to be about cars”

The fact that I had a truck in the car wash was going to be very important. Also, it was going to have to look like a Toyota 4Runner.

The guy who did the photoshoot is a brilliant painter and we had really good conversations about how this came to be. We asked the guy to take the photo and say ‘I don’t know who this is, but it’s a Toyota, so it’s a truck.’ “I called my son, and his reaction to his new Toyota was a little bit scary. “I don’t want him thinking that I can’t possibly have what he has. I guess that’s why some people are angry. It took some getting used to, but no matter what, he was very excited about the car.” The car ended up being a 2010 Toyota Sienna with a 5 tall custom aluminum framed tailpipe.

I remember buying the car when I was 23 (a Ford. Ford didn’t like it because it was too long and too fat, and they didn’t like how it looked. I’m not sure it had the same look as a Ford Explorer. Anyway, this car has gone from being a really big-banging pickup truck in a car wash to being a family wagon in San Diego. “The cars we make are not a big deal” I’m not a big Carradine fan. I think that if his name were Carradine, with maybe an “I” in front of it, I would love that. Not just because I’m an idiot and do the same things every day of my life, but because his stories are interesting to read (read what’s up?).

At one point while I was in the Carradine office, I was in one of those car wash scenarios where the truck is just a bunch of crap lying in the way. I had to drive it away so it couldn’t show through all the crap, and the camera guy tried to convince Carradine that this was a big deal.

So he set up the shot as I watched from the front seat of the car. The Carradine editor set up the scene to look as if the photo was shot on a camera tripod in front of the car. It makes the whole scene look a bit staged, not to mention that the headlight and tail light were just a few feet to the right of where they were supposed to be.

Then Carradine came onstage and played a few guitar chords “to the tune of ‘This Road Is A Hard Place to Come’” . His new song about the car wash just brought me back from being in a car wash. Oh man, the guy is going to make lots of money with this. So I go home, eat dinner, and watch the night news.

My daughter is having the same reaction to these things. I couldn’t stop thinking about my dad, who would have probably called this a bad dream. But at the same time, I just don’t know if I am willing to be a part of it any longer. I hope I am, because the next time a car I buy turns out to be a Toyota, we have a conversation about it. I know this will be a hard lesson for my son to learn, but we need to at least try.

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