This software can be run on devices using a microSD slot for the file system for more flexible storage.

The standard Android 7.0 update will still update via the CODENAME_Android_8_1_Update with the new features and fixes, and then Android 7.0 will update with the most recent iOS fixes, and then 6.0 with the new features. Once that’s finished, users can simply upgrade to the new OS, and it will upgrade to the latest available security patch as well. The system update will remove the standard (which cannot be restored to) security patches.

On-the-fly updater to Google Play to install OS-level changes Google Play itself, Google has a new auto-updater that will download updates on-the-fly from a server and then put them on the phone. It may take a few hours for the updates to become available to users, but it will arrive in a timely fashion. This software can be run on devices using a micro-SD slot for the file system for more flexible storage.

This is the automatic installation of the Auto update for those of you who want to do it manually. But, as mentioned before, the Auto update is only available to users who have enabled it.

A guide to Auto update Google Play on a S7 Edge Plus

This is the quick setup tutorial for getting the Auto update enabled on an S7 Edge Plus. The guide is not comprehensive, in-direct links and apps are provided for a number of things.

If you want to learn more, here is the official Android-Centric guide .

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