Tieflings are considered halfblooded and can be used as a hybrid race While they are not technically halfgiants they don't fall into that category, halftiefling traits also increase the bonus given to their Dexterity.

You can see these cards in action by running a sample adventure from the Adventurer’s League game. I am not suggesting you attempt to play through these quests with the adventuring party, but they are still very useful for learning who has taken your position, where to go forward, and what to expect.

To summarize, we can now look at what can be made to fit inside a board. After all, it is the pieces of the board that make up the board, and there is quite a bit of information that can be gained by looking at a board. With this in mind, I will walk you through some of the most important aspects of forming your character.

First, let me start with the most basic part of our building: your race. There are a number of options available with varying difficulty. I will give you a generic list while we move on to explaining the specifics in more detail.

Tieflings - Your first and primary race will likely make up your core ability set. These are simple, fast moving beings, excellent thieves and explorers. Good against magic and non-magical weapons, they can hold their own against many creatures with the right combination of equipment. Their racial ability is Dexterity, which is a +2 bonus on Acrobatics and Climb checks. This makes tieflings excellent jumpers, climbers and archers, who can quickly gain ground against even the toughest of opponents. Tieflings are considered half-blooded and can be used as a hybrid race: While they are not technically half-giants (they don’t fall into that category), half-tiefling traits also increase the bonus given to their Dexterity.

Humans - First and second most important races, humans are quick, light, and very strong. Their racial ability bonus to Armor Class is +4 and increases to +5 for medium and heavy armor. This is a plus for any creature that can put it on. They also have +2 to Wisdom and to Charisma and both of these abilities are key factors for improving your own character’s personality. Humans can also be used as a hybrid race, and both of these traits are very important. You must be able to wield two different weapons with any one attack roll. To do this, the weapon must have a melee range of 5 feet or longer. In addition, you must take the Unarmed Strike feat. Using this feat increases the damage of your unarmed strikes by twice. Using the Unarmed Strike feat requires you to still take the Dodge feat but deals no weapon damage.

Elf - The least important of our race options. Elf’s racial ability bonus to Wisdom is mediocre and doesn’t affect your Charisma score for any purpose. Since you won’t be casting spells, that will be very limited as well. Their bonus to Constitution doesn’t provide any bonuses for any ability, and their racial strength is only +1 with a minimum of 25.

Halflings - The first and third most important races, this is one that you can expect to be very familiar with. Halflings are half-elves, and they have this special quality that gives them -1 Dexterity bonus to AC. This is good for the same reasons humans and halflings can wield two weapons. However, they make use of the +2 racial bonus to Armor Class, for their natural armor to stay higher than human armor. They can also be used as a hybrid race, being either a half-elves or a half-giants. This is an option for most encounters, and is excellent for dealing with the toughest of creatures. The +2 racial bonus to Constitution and the +1 class bonus also give them the ability to keep up to speed with other creatures.

Tieflings and Humans will each have their own racial specialities (or not) and have their own starting skills. They too are going to be very familiar with their starting environment and will have their own racial abilities (or not).

Halflings also get a bonus on attack rolls with the shortsword or longsword, but again it is not a racial bonus, it is a class feature. At level 3 you get the ability to choose which type of weapon is best for you, so you can pick the one that suits your style of play.

Humans also get a racial bonus to Intelligence, which is an ability they were not meant to have, because they have to have at least a 16 and a 3. Their starting skills are also limited, and if they are to be truly useful, you are going to have to start at level 10. Once you have your class skills, you are going to be able to master them, so don’t start at level 9 where you look like an idiot with your poor movement and poor hit points.

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