She is doing this for fun, for the cash, so that she can be a mom, and keep her family growing, but she does not care to hide the fact that she makes a lot of money, and is working, as others do.

(She’s working at an advertising agency on the east coast). In her post, she says she had a goal of being able to support herself, but at the age of 25, she realized “it’s really just not sustainable for me to financially support myself and be a full-time parent.” (She still is though.) I am surprised no one else (that would be her) has spoken out about this. Because she is a model, and she has said she is looking to be just like her mother of her own children. She is a model, and she should. After all there is no one else in the world like her. She has to do what she wants to do now. She is doing this for fun, for the cash, so that she can be a mom, and keep her family growing, but she does not care to hide the fact that she makes a lot of money, and is working, as others do. Her business is all good. This is important to her. There is nothing I can say to dissuade her from it.

So, it’s hard to know just how far she’s willing to push the envelope in advertising. She can be pretty blunt about the fact that she doesn’t care for what most people consider to be “advice” on how to live your life, since she makes a good living, and doesn’t live on a tight budget. She does it her way and that’s certainly what the business has enabled her to do.

However, some have said (correctly) that she would become a lot more mainstream if she stopped with the advertising and focused on a variety of projects. I totally agree with them. But is it about what she wants, or is it about what sells, and if it’s about selling, who is to say she won’t make a lot of money off of that new brand of skincare that is popping up? Well the rest of us. Her post also said: “Even if [advertising] will kill me, I will keep making art every single day.” Now, I appreciate that some of those comments are harsh, but I don’t really think that if she does stay independent and not have to worry about making her way out of her current situation, she won’t be out there creating more art just like her mother did. And we probably will too.

I don’t know where she’s going to end up with her ad agency work, but what I do know is that when she does go to her next convention I will be able to see how she has grown into a great voice in the pop culture world. I am not saying she can’t achieve those things, but I am sure she’s going to have so much more she wants to do and has a lot of love in her heart that if she wants those things to be her legacy, she will succeed. So there you have it. I am sure there are some people out there who can be persuaded to believe she is just trying to be rich, and she has plenty of money. I don’t think so. She is truly being true to herself, and loving every moment of it. That is why we all fall for her. She has been in her own unique way as successful as any person has been in a long time, and that probably comes from her own drive rather than any need for money. She doesn’t need a fortune of money, but she has had enough of not having everything she wants, and the things that she loves. So, to the rest of us, she has not failed me. I am confident she will succeed when she finally reaches her dreams. But, until then, she knows that people can’t help you make a million dollars in one day. I will keep hoping so, but that’s not how this works. You have to succeed, and grow, and be grateful for whatever you get at some point for one reason or another. That’s where she lives now, and that is just how it has to be. Life is unfair. You have to go through some hardship to grow, and you also have to embrace it. There goes the next phase. Get used to hardships.

And despite concerns about a continued trend of steep price increases, Mr. Yaghi is optimistic about the future, saying that market demand has improved. It would be difficult for an individual to get the virus through the air, but there is a chance a person could acquire a cold by touching their face and nose after showering in an infected area.
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