However, let's assume that I am wrong I'm not, and that the majority of violent actions of women occur because white men are too afraid to use their identities for whatever reason as a weapon.

There were many more such accounts, but for the purposes of this post I do not want to repeat what I am going to say in them. In particular, I want to address the following specific case:

  • When a woman was approached at a club by two young men, only to learn that one of them was white and the other Latin/other. This is an example of (1) repetition of an old-boys’ network and (2) a white woman in a social setting being attacked and degraded, especially by a woman of color. The problem with both instances was not just the fact that the attackers were white, but that the women were Latin/other. Of course, the same is true for countless other incidents, though it is usually much harder to document at the crime scene because the victims are not necessarily of the same ethnicity or background. In the present example, for example, I will not be discussing the fact that one of the two white-to-Latino men may be in Canada and the other in Mexico or of a different country. However, these two men were both white-to-Latino. Thus, the fact that one of them was Canadian has zero impact on the facts. Because of that, I have chosen to present the incidents in this manner. In all cases where the women are black or Latina, however, there is not a plausible reason for those who attack, degrade and assault her. And, the reason why no rational person would claim that the attacks are due to the absence of white men. There is not that much of a difference. In all of these cases, women’s behavior is not dictated by racism, although it certainly may be influenced by prejudiceespecially for those who live in predominately white countries. Instead, the reason is usually simple: Women generally do not use their identities or their ethnicity as a weapon to make themselves feel better; rather, they simply feel comfortable in their own skin. I have been able to obtain proof of this by conducting an exhaustive empirical study on some groups of women living in a particular city in Asia. I discovered that the women who are most physically aggressive and are more verbally aggressive in their interactions are the ones I have listed above. In other words, an angry woman is likely angry simply from feeling insecure. Yet, in a culture where women don’t feel safe and safe is not taken as an indicator of strength, many women are willing to “fight for their rights.” These women are not necessarily dangerous, but they are willing to be dangerous and will use their identities as a weapon in order to take their feelings of inadequacy and anger out on other people. Thus, what actually seems to increase violence is not a lack of white males, but a lack of white men willing to fight for their rights.

Let’s start by saying that I support the desire for racial equality in many places, in part because I believe that the best place to promote equality is by showing non-white people that non-white people can be victimized just like they are. However, let’s assume that I am wrong (I’m not), and that the majority of violent actions of women occur because white men are too afraid to use their identities (for whatever reason) as a weapon. However, let’s not rule out that there may be some situations where women are being physically attacked for reasons related to their race, which, as stated above, I advocate. Since it is possible that women are racially assaulted because white men feel afraid to use their identities in this situation, can we consider a few potential reasons:

  • Because some men do not want to be identified as the “good” men?

  • Because they are intimidated by the threat of being judged? (ie “It’s not that I don’t want to be accepted, it’s that if I am, I can’t say so? I’m a minority and people will judge me.”)

  • Because their identity may be abused by others? (ie “There’s more than one way to be a good person. Don’t we all have to be perfect?”)

  • It’s a culture where violence is still tolerated? (ie “It’s been that way for over two centuries and there are no easy solutions.”)

Most likely, only one of the last three will come into play. In that scenario, only one of the reasons listed above will happen. And, even then, for the majority of White People who are not violent criminals, the reason is not a refusal to embrace other people as they are, so they feel intimidated of their identity and do not use it as a weapon. There isn’t a whole lot of that here, and if the majority of men who use their identities for violence are actually afraid to do so, then this culture also has other reasons associated with it. Therefore, in my opinion, the real question is simply: How much would it cost to change the culture in order to change violence? If most men in the United States are actually afraid to use their identities in

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