With the unit fully disengaged, the dumb screen of the device shows the current batterycar status and the meter readout is correct, please charge message.

The firmware is clean and simple to work with. The unit can be completely disconnected from your phone just by unscrewing the plug, disconnecting the power adapter, and unplugging the car from your car outlet. When the car is disconnected and the power cord or the car can be removed, the unit will then shut down and reboot.

With the unit fully disengaged, the “dumb” screen of the device shows the current battery/car status and “the meter readout is correct, please charge” message. To charge the battery from a car plug, just unplug the power adapter from the car and use the power adapter to charge the battery from the car.

The unit includes a USB port to charge Android phones or tablets for when you want to connect your smartphone to go with the unit and charge the phone. It will power up just as it did after you reconnected to the car and connect it to the car with the power adapter, without having to disconnect, remove, or plug your phone to the car.

You will need to be using a USB cable for charging to function, since you’ll be connecting your phone. The cable has a special plug which is only placed on the bottom of the unit. Just place the USB plug in that special plug to access the system and charge it remotely.

The USB is charged through the car’s standard car power cable.

The units also includes a USB cord that can be disconnected.

You will want to charge the car if your power is shut off to give your car a much-needed boost. If you have a car with the “Connect” setting, this is where you can get this “mini-plug-n-play” functionality, allowing a car’s internal battery to go to sleep once the unit is fully engaged to charge. Just put the car in “charging” mode then plug the USB cord into the charging jack so the auto-updater puts the unit on at the right time.

I have a 2011 Tesla Model S and a 2006 Cadillac Escalade, so I should be able to get good mileage out of this power pack and still have a fast charge time.

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