You know that whole time I was planning out my birthday celebration and I did it to myself, but the fun part was having a party with my best friends, my coworkers and our families.

You won’t be a stranger to the restaurant, and this is the place to find some seriously good dishes. While the new location is tiny, there is a lot to see inside the new Cantina, plus new tables and chairs in the back! The food is all excellent, and the staff are great to have around! Check it out!


Happy new restaurant opening! The Cantina at Sacramento! Photo by Stacy from Tastefully Offensive. Tasting menu with all your favorite items from the original Cantina Taco Bell in downtown Sacramento - this includes the fresh Mexican food items, your favorite tacos, tamales and rice bowls! The drinks and desserts will be even better. I’ve seen a lot of people rave about the food, the taste, and the price point here. All of our friends think this is one of the best places to go. I’ll definitely be back again in June 2016/2017 and try some new recipes.

A little news to share… The new Cantina at Sacramento will be open for the holidays from December 4, 2016- January 2, 2017, and from January 6-3, they will close and reopen until 4/15/17. The new owner will be running the tables, and I look forward to seeing the staff from the new Cantina Taco Bell. They are also closing locations in Fremont as well as in Long Beach and Alhambra. What happened? Well, a friend who really liked the new Cantina Taco Bell (she even purchased 2 for herself!) did have some problems with them and asked me if they were going to close, and said she wanted me to go find her so that she could buy her food and supplies. I could not tell her that the next day. So she finally wrote me back when I posted that I could not find her, but that I called and told them that I had found her.. and they now were going to be open. I have never seen a Cantina that closed their doors that fast! I am very happy that someone is making these delicious tacos and being locally owned.

TACO Bell Cantina and San Francisco Downtown SoCal! Photo by Stacy from Tastefully Offensive. Another cool thing is that the tacos came with a free drink! Just like at the original Cantina in downtown. The free drink was not so much of a surprise, but that is the kind of thing that you can count on at Cancun!

I hope you find a location near you! I will post those locations when I get the chance.

Happy new month of October! You know that whole time I was planning out my birthday celebration and I did it to myself, but the fun part was having a party with my best friends, my coworkers and our families. They would share their favorite memories from my year, make sure I had a good time and keep me sane while I was there! I am very thankful for them and their support!

Tacos and Drinks and of course I had some of the best Tacos and drinks they have in Sacramento, by far. I had an Uber home with a friend and a special order of Taco Bell Cantina Tacos (Taco Bell is so good, it’s even better in Taco Bell) and a delicious Strawberry Milkshake. My friend and I had a great and meaningful night out with my best friends in new york, enjoying the wonderful city, making time to see my friends we went all over the place, and the best tacos they have to show for it. The tacos are always good, the drinks are always great even though there is no water available. Thank you Taco Bell!!

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