As such, all states except Alaska, Montana, Nebraska, Idaho, Nevada and Texas permit dogs as a means to harvest game.

Currently, Wisconsin has only 1 deer season through the Holidays, so hunters are supposed to be shooting for 3 seasons. If that changes, I expect a 2nd year to start late in the winter. Either way, please follow this link for the current status of the 4-year period. It is only a matter of time before we are going to see a change. If you would like more information on this topic just email me, ask a question or just tell me what you think.

The deer hunting process The deer hunting process is really quite simple and easy to set up and maintain. Just make sure you get help from an experienced hunter to ensure success. The hunt season lasts about 8 weeks from the day you buy the deer to the end of the season, which is when the deer are slaughtered. Depending on the circumstances of the state you will either hunt for a season or a minimum number of shoots, which are similar to dog seasons but are conducted over a shorter period of time. Deer hunting permits for the state are available online, from state officials or at license dealers, with the exact number depending on the state. Wisconsin residents can purchase permits from a license dealer in many counties and counties have a number you can call to obtain your permit. The requirements for deer hunting are very similar to dog hunting; in order to be allowed to hunt on non-residentially owned property, you must be a Wisconsin resident and legally hunt on property your hunting permit is valid on. As such, all states except Alaska, Montana, Nebraska, Idaho, Nevada and Texas permit dogs as a means to harvest game. However, it is a good idea to know the requirements in your state so that you are properly informed if you are hunting on non-residential property. Wisconsin residents of all ages are allowed to hunt on non-residentially owned property, even children. Under the current laws, the county where you reside is the owner, meaning that if you do not have a permit for the desired deer season, you can still hunt on non-residentially owned property, provided that the property is not an abandoned lot or structure. So if one of those conditions is met, you can legally hunt on your own property. However, don’t forget to pack your gear and know where you’re going or else you might find yourself out on your arse! So, without further delay, here it is: WHAT CUTS? HOW DO WE SAVE OUR CUTS? How to Save and Bring Ready-To-Use Ammunition to Hunt Deer Your State Require a Deer Purchase Appointment We are doing our entire lot with a phone call and an office visit. The calls you make to our office and the visits that come later from the office staff make it that much easier. So, what can this information save you? We do it for you. We guarantee you will not have to hunt for those 2 days your “state” has limited your ability to hunt.

Our office will meet with you and explain what the state does with your deer and how they can make it into a successful harvest. Our office will have your cut in hand along with what we are offering for sale at that time and have you prepare to walk your fill. You are then free to bring the deer with you - our office staff will make your trip to your hunt site.

Wisconsin only permits hunting on non-residential owned property. We will have your cut ready to sell and it can be purchased the next day! Now that that is out of the way, here’s the really fun part. We have a team of hunters, who will be here all year to take care of you and your deer during any time of the year. We pride ourselves on our ability to bring people here. We are located in an all-too-near-by area, meaning that you will be able to meet your hunters all year long without having to rely solely on them.We want you to come and see us, so take the time with us and the other hunters and meet your cuts.

Don’t be fooled by someone telling you they can just go outside and hunt. Yes, it is super fun and it does offer an opportunity to see if the area is suitable for hunting and that is the only thing you really need to keep in mind. For me, it is about knowing that you will be on our edge as you can see on our website that it is an important factor in our operation.

So what do you do when your deer hunt is over but your cut is still sitting off to the side waiting for you to carry it to us? Well, there’s two simple techniques that people ask us to recommend: 1) Bring the cut to our office. This will save you both time and gas. For us, it means taking your cut, the

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