In addition, there is a need to add a huge airframe to provide extra lift, something that is impossible when the wings don't fold down.

The birds now take turns eating, laying their eggs and being fed. They will stay until the end of the year, at which point their lives as airfares will only last until spring 2019 But you’ll still get a ticket to their nest or their home.. And then a ticket for the one million dollars and a quick flight back, once again. The birds have been waiting the entire winter and there was never a single plan to build another airplane in the facility, until now. But Boeing needs a bigger aircraft for their large scale production and a new, bigger hangar is available today. And there the PFB is waiting to land.

To build new airplanes, Boeing has been forced to break the peregravida from the wings to the fuselage section, thus making the airplane more flexible. But the big change is the cockpit , meaning the plane has to be more sturdy after all its moving parts. The wings are already out of production and the PFB is in a huge “no-landing-land” in the middle of the parking lot of the plant. So, the birds and their nest must be moved. But this will have to be done by truck. Because of a severe lack of space and labor, it is only possible to move the birds on their own.

To fly the PFB, a Boeing 747 jetliner is needed. Even after Boeing redesigned the wings to accommodate the PFB, they need to redesign the bottom of the nose cone and the tail cone. The airplane has to be ready for takeoff because a 747 requires a huge 757 wing to allow for the wings to fold down. In addition, there is a need to add a huge airframe to provide extra lift, something that is impossible when the wings don’t fold down.

So, we have to move Boeing’s birds now. But the first phase of this effort will be a huge crane to move the bird and its family from the current location to the new facility.

Why this is a huge deal

PFC can be hard to catch up and we’ve been seeing plenty of reports in the media of PFC getting caught up in conflicts in the field. If there is a bird and his family, it would be almost impossible to tell. There could be a battle with one parent, or a couple of parents attacking each other. A mother defending and protecting her young. Or a bird coming in to land and then a parent attacking and trying to get the bird away from their young. Here’s the thing. Most of the times, the parents are more frightened of a flying predator, than they actually are of their own baby bird. The PFB’s parents are almost never afraid of their young. This makes them a lot more difficult to catch than the father. The parent gets in close and shoots their child before leaving, resulting in lots of injuries but also of course a lot more deaths. If someone shoots their kids, they’re still going to blame the child’s parents for it. Or maybe you have a little brother or sister who is killed by a car. That can set off a whole chain reaction that includes the parents and the car. Parents are often very protective of their grown kids, and the PFB’s siblings. So, yes, these parents seem more likely to want to kill or be killed by an airborne predator. They are not the most cooperative type of parent. They are generally more aggressive, even when the young bird has a friend at home. So, even the new “airplanes” coming in to replace them may feel safer or even happier because of the high risk that comes with being near a peregrine and his family.

The PFB’s nest will remain in the parking lot of the Boeing plant, but the family will be moved by truck to the new facility, where the baby bird will stay as a resident in that facility until it is ready to be brought out of its temporary confinement.

But if any parent wants to try and attack their young, they are going to be forced to run, and run hard. Because their whole family is ready for them to be attacked.

When the peregrines become adults, they will also be moved to this new facility where they can be moved without having to be relocated from the current location. But they will be moved as the new “airplanes” come in to replace the old ones, which may be very expensive and complicated.

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