In 2008, a rapper from Memphis named R. Kelly was sued for rape , false imprisonment , kidnapping, grand larceny, and possession of child pornography.

Now Meek is suing them for $40 million… You do the math.

This is the exact same guy who is currently facing several lawsuits for rape , rape by drug , rape by false imprisonment, and kidnapping… When you look at this “celebrity” who seems to be in almost constant trouble, the idea that he’s not fully aware of what he’s doing seems pretty crazy to me. If I was a rich white man, I’d have a good fucking head start on this legal shitstorm. In fact, I’d have it pretty darn easy. If I was a white celebrity and still facing rape, false imprisonment, kidnapping, and rape by drug charges, I wouldn’t be dealing with anyone, but that’s really not a viable option. I can’t just pretend like I don’t know what I’m doing in my career when my own career has been ruined in a very similar fashion… and you can bet I’m not the first white male to become a “celebrity millionaire.” I’m also not the only one who has fallen victim to Meek’s antics… In 2008, a rapper from Memphis named R. Kelly was sued for rape , false imprisonment , kidnapping, grand larceny, and possession of child pornography. According to their complaint, while recording a video for his eponymous imprint in 2008 he drove behind a car that was stopped for speeding. They allege that when he didn’t want to give up the keys to the car, the driver attacked him in an attempt to get him to give up his keys. While one of the other cars was backing up, Kelly drove the car into the other car in drive-by shooting.

While his case was pending, he took an alleged rape threat and put it on YouTube .

Last year’s Rolling Stone cover story about the infamous “N***ergy Gang” of ‘90s New York rap stars included a very touching story from an unnamed female rapper who said her dad raped and beat her as a child. According to the lawsuit, when R Kelly began acting out on the rap scene in 1997 he began sexually abusing the girl. Like most kids of the era, the girl’s mother didn’t know or care.

“At the age of six a large and very overweight, unattractive black male adult, known as N***eezy, kidnapped her, raped her, and molested her. Her parents never found her body. Her father threatened to hurt her with a baseball bat and raped her. At some point, her mother became so distraught with the abuse, and the subsequent coverup, that she came to the attention of the police and gave police statements to the public.” [Emphasis added.]

The story was only about “a black man” so it’s not like they’re bringing in the “N-word” here– but hey, the point is to show how racist black people are and how racist white people are all the time… It’s not like Kelly made a whole lot of good music but it was a very, very popular dude from the mid-‘90s. (That’s an awful lot of time and money lost to a rap icon.)

This guy’s going through a lot more trials and court proceedings these days - but, honestly, those are things he shouldn’t have to deal with. He doesn’t need a lawsuit to be able to afford some high-end lawyers… he just needs to stop being assholes and do the right thing… like it’s the least he can do.

There are some people who just need to go away. You’re not the only one who feels that way… and in fact it really is the least you can do.

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