With regards to a full overhaul, as much as I have enjoyed the series of video games where you get to pick up your car, change the tires and drive it to your destination as quickly as possible, this is just not possible.

While the government provides them with a voucher to get a home loan and rent, it puts out the big fat zero on their home equity. In order to fund education at a community college, they must borrow a staggering $37,000. When the government has to pick up the tab for their housing, it turns down their mortgage application and tells them they are not yet eligible, leading to the massive student loan defaults, which are driving up mortgage borrowing expenses. For those trying to save in a low-income area to keep their homes affordable, there is no real solution. We were talking about this at the end of 2014, right before the housing crisis. Even now with housing prices continuing to rise, there is no real solution.

What could be done? Well, there are many things the government could focus on. One of them being to provide an extra income for the elderly that does not come from government largesse and would help alleviate some of the hardships they are experiencing today. But they have to get rid of the big government that is so often the culprit when it comes to any type of negative impact on individuals or communities. If they could figure out a way to raise a little money with an index fund or ETF and buy some new properties, that would be an excellent start to improving the situation. It could also work as an immediate plan to address a portion of the issues with seniors to put some money into the hands of those who need it the most, the elderly. That could be done on a long-term basis, though, and it starts with the elderly.

  1. Improve the infrastructure

When it comes to fixing the system in Washington, something goes a long way and a lot of it goes unreported. If that is the case, we must make the effort to find a way to show the people responsible in the Washington DC government, that not only can they be responsive to their constituent, but that they can become the catalyst for change. With all the infrastructure a majority of our citizens do not even have the slightest clue how they are ever going to get around their own transportation woes, it all goes out the window. What is truly sad, however, is that it would lead to a loss of life on our roads and highways, as well as the massive losses that we are experiencing at the current time.

The major problem that the country has is infrastructure.

The most obvious problem is the lack of good quality roads. You could not give yourself a traffic cheat sheet and tell drivers to follow the red lines. Instead, you had a system where everyone was on their phone. The “smart” cars, they didn’t have to read the speed limit signs and make sure all the traffic wasn’t going anywhere. Their safety was only a small priority on the driver side, with more concern on the consumer end. It is absolutely ridiculous that all the work that was necessary for getting people where they need to go in one lane was all done without that extra lane for extra passengers for a few seconds during rush hour when that lane simply had no purpose. Driving while in control seemed to be the exception to the rule, not the norm.

Then there is the lack of any “highway” or “rural” quality roads either. The roads are on the road, but they aren’t in good enough shape to be able to handle a large truck or a train in a timely fashion, if necessary. When the train came, it was a time-consuming, inefficient waste to haul, and it took hours to haul them, and the truck was just too slow.

This is unacceptable in not only our cities, but in every major city in America. In order for our infrastructure to be able to handle the next 10-40 years, as well as to stay competitive post-war, we need to fix it. There are many, various, options on how to do this, both short term and long term, and for most people one of them is just going to come to fruition: a complete overhaul of all existing infrastructure. With regards to a full overhaul, as much as I have enjoyed the series of video games where you get to pick up your car, change the tires and drive it to your destination as quickly as possible, this is just not possible. You cannot change the engine because all of the air and fuel is used to power the engine. The “tank” that is used for gas is the same one that you are currently pumping into your car, so there is no room for a tank. You cannot add fuel because the engine can never be refueled. You cannot remove from your vehicle a tire because the tire will not fit in the new place the car will be. The only time a car has been able to travel more than a block from any building

A couple of guys will remember where he made this beautiful team go, he did it and in his prime he was unstoppable. There's a strong case to be made that we're in the midst of a cultural shift, as we've lost the sense of what constitutes a normal life.
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