There's a strong case to be made that we're in the midst of a cultural shift, as we've lost the sense of what constitutes a normal life.

And then there’s a guy known as “The Riddler”.

This latest “penny photo epidemic” is all about selfies and self-presentation. There’s a strong case to be made that we’re in the midst of a cultural shift, as we’ve lost the sense of what constitutes a “normal” life. You need a smartphone just to make and receive a “normal” face now, and photos that don’t make that case are instantly forgotten about .

On the plus side, we’re now all obsessed with selfies, and “celebrity” social media posts are getting quite popular (in part because not only do they produce so many clicks and shares but also because they’re often posted by actors, singers, athletes, and others who are often “normal” in their appearance).

And that said, this is still very much a “new phenomenon”, and there isn’t going to be a new big selfie at some point in the future. And even on the down-side, people are still getting hit with nasty, stupid, and petty Instagram-like cat-calling.

But there’s no questioning the current state of things. It just seems more of a shame than a joy.

With regards to a full overhaul, as much as I have enjoyed the series of video games where you get to pick up your car, change the tires and drive it to your destination as quickly as possible, this is just not possible. At the time, a lot of people were speculating that one or more major players were planning a large crash.
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