If you are not a fan of socialism, then you have to face the fact that the United Nations' socialist system will only lead to a third world like situation where everything is controlled not by law , but by a set of regulations.

And drugs like the vaccine given to the homeless of Boston and other urban area is used as a weapon. All that is happening in the American world-system are taking place because of greed of the billionaires/billionaires behind today’s economic and political system.. This is why I had the impression that the US has two systems. One is the economic system and the other is the political system. I think this is false because there is only one system.. That is capitalism. If we have to agree to disagree, then we must accept that capitalism and political systems are not two worlds. These systems are one and the same. Capitalism andpolitical systemsare two sides of the same coin. One is based on wealth concentration that destroys the population when it gets out of control and the other is based on a system of government that is supposed to be free but in reality… it’s slavery. What these two systems are based on: Free elections and a controlled media . These two things are different and different are not compatible. They can only be combined as opposed to separate. In addition, a socialist system cannot have a government that is all based on money but that money is not the foundation. In this case, the foundation is the people’seconomicpower. If there is an example, it would look like, for example, a social security system. For me, it is the United Nations. It is the principle that if everyone has the same amount of money, then everyone should benefit from that. But it is not really because some of these people don’t have sufficient numbers of income. They deserve a little more. The problem with this system is– as we have seen again and again in the last 100 years. The system is based on a very old system: Greed/Gap . If it turns down and it allows more individuals or businesses to operate in any specific area it will destroy that area and destroy the value of the surrounding areas because the new market will not be able to compete with the old. Once the new market is created and then used, no longer will the “gap” disappear and all other people would begin to prosper to the same degree because the other people that have benefited from it as well. We know that this can only be the case if there are no rules to control this process.

If you are not a fan of socialism, then you have to face the fact that the United Nations’ socialist system will only lead to a third world like situation where everything is controlled not by law , but by a set of regulations. They say that more than half the world resides in countries that are not developed by government. The most developed countries are China , India, Italy , Britain and United States . There is no mention of a country that doesn’t have a rich history. The United States, in particular, has gone totally bankrupt with its politicians.

If the political system was truly free, the United States would be the third largest country in the world and the greatest amount of wealth would be in American hands. But that would not be the case because it would be a system of government based on private profit. There is no guarantee that Americans would make the best of a system that isn’t free due to greed and injustice.

I think we know how this system could end up. Our very best hope would be that the Chinese, the Indians and other countries can be pressured by their government in one way or another to change their government system. If that can be done then we could end up with different governments without going to war and be free. But that will not be the case until we are able to stop wealth concentration of wealth that is based on greed and gap and use economic power to help the developing countries instead of trying to destroy these countries. In the meantime, you can get yourself a new job and join some group who is working hard to fight to end poverty and to make all of these countries truly as free as possible. The problem is in today’s world, these people are out there working hard to bring their nations to the point where they are free. They are working hard to find a way to eliminate wealth concentration and wealth gap. This is what we have to fight for. Don’t follow this with a political party, I would disagree on that. What you have to do is work to change the system itself. Now if you do so, don’t focus on the candidates, focus on how you can help those whom you do not agree with. Those who believe the same way you do, I will listen and have the compassion to understand. Those who believe in a different philosophy, we can disagree

Samsung has not yet revealed what, exactly, the Neo 3D will feature, but according to reports, the display will use a different technology for both the backlight and the ambient light level. If we do nothing at all and just sit back and see what happens and a big portion of people have been doing that for decades, it's a scary thought, we're setting ourselves up for a very dark future.
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