If we do nothing at all and just sit back and see what happens and a big portion of people have been doing that for decades, it's a scary thought, we're setting ourselves up for a very dark future.

And many other people with similar ideas had a different view on the subject. In fact, people just didn’t believe humans were the only animals. You have to remember, it was a young man’s idea at the time which was met with harsh reaction by certain institutions, such as the university.

It makes sense to me that people would start to question the nature of their own species and the way they were able to live so long, if they knew that they were all “just animals”. To me this looks like a good start in terms of educating people about where we come from. However, I do worry about the generalisation that we have to be more intelligent… not at all. We are not the same as the chimpanzee or usang-boo. We could be the only living species on this planet, but we aren’t the only ones here from where? From another planet where we come from.

In my view this may just be an attempt to get people to go to science sites to get more information and to get them to believe in man for who he really is. It might be an effort in self-fulfilling prophecy, but the more people have to believe in themselves and in the existence beyond their own species, the better. It is far better for all of us if we all accept ourselves for what we are which is what religion and a religion with a specific view of God may do.

To sum up, I think the purpose and function of Science is to develop, test and apply knowledge to all the different parts of society, so that these knowledge can be used for good or evil. In recent times, things have developed that would make that really difficult. If we do nothing at all and just sit back and see what happens (and a big portion of people have been doing that for decades, it’s a scary thought), we’re setting ourselves up for a very dark future. Science can’t go on as it is, if it is not properly developed and properly applied, and if it becomes the sole preserve of some for-profit interests, it’ll be gone by the time it’s done.

If you are not a fan of socialism, then you have to face the fact that the United Nations' socialist system will only lead to a third world like situation where everything is controlled not by law , but by a set of regulations. Now, in honor of the video game's tenth anniversary, Bethesda has released the first piece of fan service, a new mod that turns your character's music into a Witcher 3 soundtrack and an online voiceover adventure that guides the player through the story.
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