The video, purported to be of the gunman , who allegedly killed six people and injured others before himself being gunned down, shows multiple gunmen firing shots toward the crowd near the Las Vegas Strip exit.

The same band would later give the same account of the Christmas night in 1969, just after being called off during rehearsals due to a fatal motorcycle accident. Their account was provided shortly before the pair were scheduled to perform in Las Vegas at the same stadium, and in that incident they suffered a severe neck injury. Also, in the 1990s, there was a case of a teenager having a near-death experience after one of The Killers. In 1998, musician Ben Klee died after he fell from his motorcycle , leaving a suicide note , on the night of the tour opener with The Scorpions . A coroner was asked to investigate, which confirmed his death to be an accidental fall while riding home after a concert. In 2011, guitarist Jimmy Chamberlin of The Offspring was arrested by the police for having a gun in the hotel room of a friend to kill someone as a prank . During the 2015 tour, drummer Ronnie Vannucci accidentally shot his wife with an accidental shotgun blast, ending their marriage. When he was initially interviewed about the incident by US media, his response was “I’m a grown man and I’m in my own fucking room.” In 2015, the New York Times reported on the death of an Indian engineer and filmmaker who was murdered by members of a “skinhead” gang on a beach in South Carolina after a dispute with a friend. The details were reportedly as follows: “When the gunman was finished with the photographer, another man came from behind and opened fire. The man who was shot, who had taken the body bag from the shooting, was killed when a bullet ricocheted off an incoming boat.” According to a 2014 New York Times report, a police superintendent said “as much as 90% of the time when we get a report, we don’t know anything.” In addition, there were three reported incidents at the Las Vegas show, as reported by The New York Post . According The New York Post, “After gunshots were fired into the crowd by a man dressed in an all-black outfit, several people dove for cover around the stage. When the man took his head off and a young boy fell to the ground, the gunman sprayed the crowd with bullets, the report said.” Following the event, reports appeared online alleging “gangsters” were in possession of weapons at the show , and that the gunman’s apparent motivation was to “shoot up the building.” In addition, police, after reviewing security footage, believed the gunman was “inspired” by the recent violence in Chicago , which saw at least three men shot and killed during one Friday night of violence by three different factions of the Muslim community. The Post reported “according to investigators with the Metropolitan Police Department, there is not enough evidence to say that a gang was involved.” In addition, A video posted on Facebook also claims that “one of them” was seen on the video carrying a gunon the floor in the back of a black SUV. The video, purported to be of the gunman , who allegedly killed six people and injured others before himself being gunned down, shows multiple gunmen firing shots toward the crowd near the Las Vegas Strip exit. One person even is seen on a microphone saying “fuck you, we’re taking your guns” on one of the gunmen while another man is seen firing at a fleeing suspect as they appear to be aiming at them. In response to criticisms, the Post added “After reviewing the videos it has confirmed the gunman is not affiliated with any gang or criminal organization.” In the meantime, another gunman wearing the same type of red bandana as the suspect wore during the concert and firing at the crowd is said to have been captured by police on film .

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Anon said…

This is just another excuse from the MSM to put every black person in the world in one category without the benefit of empathy or self judgement. It does not matter how often a victim of crime is not given the opportunity to defend themselves, and when the victim of crime cannot defend himself when a police officer is present and the police officer initiates the physical beating or other acts of police brutality, this is not a “race” issue. It is an issue of a police officer in uniform terrorizing an individual, then punishing the victim instead of doing their job. How many of you think this type of behavior is “justifiable” in a world where “everywhere is colorblind” while it is unacceptable to make a victim of a crime, and take away the very reason you are targeted even more. No one is defending any of this type of assault by police officers. No one is defending the police. I’m all for the victims of crime. I’m all for equal justice for all. However when the state, or at least a portion of the state, becomes enamored of a group of individuals and criminalizes their lives, this makes a real change. I live in a state where the state has the power to remove you

Update at 1150 another security researcher who works on the Wyze Labs platform, Adam Caudill, told Ars Technica that the incident has been fixed. Thanks to my new sponsor, Gila Bend Fitness, the support of my fellow co workers, health care providers, and community outreach in the OlympiaFremont area.
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