I'm sure some people have argued that there was some kind of first life on earth as early as 3200 BC, but I've had to laugh at this comment from one creationist How stupid are he

It takes sunlight 5,000 years to reach us from Earth. During this time, the sun rises and sets at the equator, which has to travel a little farther. You will have to go to the north of the equator and take a right on your way, or else the year will get colder than you expect. It always makes me laugh when people who believe in the theory of creation say that as far as our bodies and all that comes with it were concerned, life is only a couple years old, or “the first human life was two hours old.” They are literally the living dead. But wait, we were just a couple years old as we read this:

We’re not actually two hours old. The earth is only a little over a thousand miles away from the sun, but for us we were born at the sun. I’m sure some people have argued that there was some kind of “first life” on earth as early as 3200 BC, but I’ve had to laugh at this comment from one “creationist”:

How stupid are he? God created everything in such short order that there must have been a big gap between the time when God made God to do everything, and when we came on the scene and asked for help. Why does he seem so pleased with us, not a bit offended; that we ask for advice instead of being irritated when he only responds with irritation. I don’t understand a damn thing. I’m actually trying hard not to yell at this person.

Okay and so I’ve gone on and on. I’m not even mad at all. I’ve gone through the reasoning, thought process, and everything. My point is, let’s take that whole “creation and then you were first” thing and compare it with the “we were only created once and then created again.” I don’t know if I can win. I’m going to make my living as a writer and my money will always be tied up in writing, but I’d hate it if I actually had to have to prove the theory. I am still trying to think of how to say it, but I hope by the end, I manage a few more words to keep this post light. I’d also like to wish all those that are questioning or thinking about making the shift to science a Happy New Year and a Happy New Year to you, too.

Happy New Year!


To view a larger image, click here NASA and the European Space Agency released this beautiful series of illustrations showing Saturn's rings. The book takes you through all the major lines of evidence supporting human evolution out of Africa, the Middle East, and the rest of the globe.
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