Note that when the email details were included in the blog post, this isn't the kind of thing that was made public.

It appears as if an email from an unknown source was leaked to a company’s website that can be accessed to send private emails to “anyone.” The email apparently was sent by someone from the company and then was sent to a mailing list that contains other customers.

One person on the mailing list asked several questions about the message, and received an answer that is not clear and may have only sent out the message without telling any of the people on the list. The message includes a link to this blog . On behalf of the company, Wyze Labs Inc. said it is investigating the leak immediately..

“The privacy policy and security procedures of our customer accounts are based on our most recent review, which demonstrates our commitment to user security,” Wyze Labs said in a statement. “However, if we find a violation, we will take specific measures – including suspending, terminating and/or terminating accounts and notifying the affected individuals.” Wyze Labs has received a number of letters asking them to change the email’s name. This is a strange move but something that they must have done in line with the leaked emails which all appear to have happened within the last few days. So that’s the info in this news, not exactly the worst, but it still gives people reason to be cautious. For those of you who are afraid of your phone coming home to you from WYZE’s servers, you should probably panic. Don’t, because that would be crazy. Let’s take a look at the emails individually and then tell us what you think of them, as I really do think that people who are thinking about buying this device are worried about you and your phone. Note that when the email details were included in the blog post, this isn’t the kind of thing that was made public. When this happens, the information is removed, never published. I hope that Wyze Labs is doing fine but if this is true, I hope that this is not what the company stands for. If they are, I hope that they are working quickly to correct it so that the information doesn’t get leaked. Update: After this story ran, Wyze Labs responded here . The email details were pulled. Update 2: As has been pointed out to me, this was an internal email released to the public. The reason for making it such a public release at this point is to confirm that it was an independent contractor and not a member of staff. Wyze Labs says it is on a “three step investigation process” following the leak.

This is an internal email released by Wyze Labs and apparently a legitimate employee. Wyze Labs says that it’s “investigating the leak.”

Update 3: Wyze Labs now says that it did respond to complaints of the email, but still has the email in question in its database. I was trying to get a hold of them earlier today and had no luck. I hope that they eventually respond to the questions people have about the message and the contents of the leak. Update 4: The email and the letter have been removed and have been removed from Wyze Labs’s website. Wyze Labs says the account may have been deleted. Update 5: Wyze Labs has tweeted that it has found the email from the leak . “We’re investigating the leak,” Wyze Labs posted on its Facebook page on Thursday. There has not yet been any comment from the company on the extent of the problem.

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