Most people, when they hear that aliens roamed the planets of other stars, automatically equate it with a base with large resources and facilities, and even larger intelligent life.

But experts told a blogger he has a very limited understanding of the picture and can hardly believe that the rover could have come across the base on the Martian surface. The images show what appears to be a rectangular structure with several rectangular sections.

Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/University of Arizona Using the “fossil-hunting” tool called Sedna Vision you can see how the “base” looks. The base might look like this:

Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/University of Arizona To create this “base” the researchers created a simple mathematical model so that they could create the shape and the shape of the base. A photo from the New Horizons spacecraft on Pluto has this object on the ground:

The “base” could look like this:

Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/University of Arizona I asked a few experts for their opinions on the picture. Here is what they said. Dr. Jeff Gordon-Weaver, professor and NASA scientist at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, said it looks “more like a large pile of rocks.” In addition he said that it could not be the shape of anything that humans would find anywhere on Earth. Dr. Charles Green, associate professor and director of the Space Science Institute at the University of Arizona, told me that they’d never seen that before, but that was before NASA was funding the NASA Earth and Life on Mars Program. Green told me that they’d seen something similar, but that “they look like things they would find on Mars,” meaning perhaps rocks. Dr. Bill Dyer, deputy director of NASA’s Planetary Science Division, told me that this was the most realistic scenario. I’m not sure of the quality of the photos that NASA has provided because I haven’t taken any of my own. The image has been posted on Reddit, which does not exactly have a rigorous review process. However, I do know that the UFO researchers are on a “rampant witch hunt,” that they are not taking anything seriously, and as such are being called out for being the fools that they are. After reading the comments it’s hard not to be cynical. They can’t deny the evidence that their base has no earthly source, but instead try and ridicule the NASA scientists for “having to defend” it. To some people this seems like a form of bullying, for which I have no sympathy. I’ve seen how some scientists can’t take a scientific criticism well, especially when they are the ones criticizing them. But what I find more troubling is that some UFO people even seem to have difficulty accepting there is no alien base on Mars. Why would they be? It’s simply impossible to prove that aliens have visited us, yet it’s been popular in some circles to “prove” there’s an alien presence. It has become a crutch. Most people, when they hear that aliens “roamed” the planets of other stars, automatically equate it with a base with large resources and facilities, and even larger intelligent life. But there has never been any hard evidence for aliens “roaming” the planets of the Solar System, no evidence that our own solar system was visited, and no evidence that it exists now. So how could an alien spacecraft have “escaped” from the solar system? There could have only been one way. Even if the alien base is a remote, deep geological feature of Mars, there’s no evidence anywhere online that it ever existed there.


Source: (I’m leaving out the details of Dr. Green’s response in case anyone wants a more in-depth review of the evidence or a response. He had nothing to do with the above image. I have not seen him comment on the matter.)

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