While some speculated that he had, in fact, found the long lost love of his life on a plane, The Sun newspaper has uncovered evidence of a different kind.

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There were a lot of rumblings over the weekend that Prince Harry might have found his Prince Charming in Meghan Markle. While some speculated that he had, in fact, found the long lost love of his life on a plane, The Sun newspaper has uncovered evidence of a different kind. The paper tells us that Prince Harry was actually dating a lady named Princess Caroline. If the news is to be believed, her real name is the Princess Caroline Anne of Anjou.

According to the Sun, Princess Caroline Anne used to attend the Royal Society of Arts and was a member of the Royal Society of England. The Princess was born on May 4, 1926, to Baron Louis-Louis de L’Anjou (nee L’Anjou-Langjoo) and his wife, Countess Charlotte Blois-Duffin. If you have heard any weird rumours in the past about Princess Caroline, you might remember her from one of those things like The Invisible Man and The Prince of Wales .

The Princess was the daughter of Joseph and Charlotte Blois-Duffin. Joseph, born in 1921, was the illegitimate son of Gino and Charlotte Blois-Duffin who was a cousin of Charlotte Blois-Duffin’s sister and was the illegitimate niece of the Queen of Belgium.

Joseph was christened by a Catholic priest in the parish hall of St Thomas in St Thomas. Joseph had both a Catholic middle name and a Welsh mother. The name was pronounced ‘koh-shun’.

Baron de L’Anjou-Langjoo was a member of the Royal Society of Arts and married, in 1924, the Queen of the Bahamas. Charles Francis-Duffin, Prince Louis de L’Anjou-Langjoo’s younger brother, was a member of the same royal society.

The Duke of Gloucester met the Princess Caroline Ann of Anjou through a mutual friend and, from this event, Prince Charles asked the Prince’s mother to meet with him twice a year. In 1928, the Duke visited the United States and met the Princess in San Francisco.

The Princess met Prince Harry while he was staying with his cousin at the Palace of Westminster and he gave her a tour of the garden where they stayed in a guesthouse. This was quite an amazing occasion because before the tour even ended, Prince Harry asked her to marry him. Although she refused, she was determined to do it. It was decided that each party to be married should have one person to live in. Prince Harry was to live in the guesthouse with Lady Markle and her two children, Prince Harry-Prince Harry. It was later discovered that the Princess-Anne of Anjou had left it all behind and was living with Prince William and Prince Harry’s wife, Meghan Markle.

As it comes to relationships, Prince Harry was the only one around who had met Princess Caroline Anne and she was a much more interesting girl than he might have imagined. She was a wealthy woman, not to mention the mistress of the British Royal family herself! The Princess was interested in writing and had always been a lover of music. She had moved to Paris after she married her husband and began spending weeks in Paris. It was here that she made her first recorded track, entitled, “Tous les Vierges du Matin” (The Sweet Moments of the Day) that included the words, “Tous les Vierges du Matin, dans le monde!”. Prince Harry found this album very interesting and he continued to return to Paris. It was during the summer of 1937 that he attended the Royal Society of Arts’ evening. He was told an interesting story about the time he met Princess Caroline. The night before he went on the occasion he asked her directly, “What’s it like when you are on tour in Paris with the Prince of Wales?” She said, “It’s very interesting, isn’t it?” He replied “Yes, it’s great!” When he returned to London, he arranged for the London Express with the Princess to fly to Paris on September 4th. He was going to wait for her to return. The Princess made her plane return to London that night at 8pm.

During their two time there, he had met other royalty and their stories, as well as the people who had accompanied the Princess and the Prince, made for such an interesting evening. Here is the first story. The first story is that Prince Harry had met, in Paris, two girls in the company of Prince Louis de L’Anjou-Langjoo. The two girls were only 13 years old, but they had both inherited their parents’ French accent. They had a very distinguished relationship and were very popular. The Prince invited them into his room and they both showed him how to play the piano and a French language book. At this point, while talking amongst themselves, the two girls suddenly realized something was up and

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