201906 2_sahdee Well at least it'll be as sexy as me... and I can do a funny one 201935 4Elim LOLZ, don't you think the fact he's a boy makes it hard to fit in

(20:17:08) (7-Froz): No he doesnt (20:17:10) TJ_Schmidt: I think he should’ve just gone with all his skills. (20:17:15) Lolzrfunni: but at least let him put on his costume. (20:17:23) (7-Froz): lolz (20:17:26) ChatBot: (7-Froz) logs into the Chat. (20:17:28) (7-Froz): i will make him wear my costume (20:17:30) (6-luu): What’s so scary about that? (20:17:41) Lolzrfunni: it is not scary at all. (20:17:47) Lolzrfunni: if it were to be real this is how it’d be. (20:17:59) (4-Elim): lolz (20:18:08) (2_sahdee): Lolz, what is it? (20:18:31) (4-Elim): It gives everything you do the full powers it needs (20:18:33) (2_sahdee): And just a few tweaks to put me back in the “good” mode? (20:18:39) Lolzrfunni: yeah, and that doesn’t change the fact that when it’s all set, it’s already in my head. I can actually feel it. (20:19:00) (2_sahdee): Or “real” mode (20:19:01) (6-luu): ok i’ll go put on costume (20:19:06) TJ_Schmidt: That’s how a costume works to start with. (20:19:06) (2_sahdee): Well at least it’ll be as sexy as me… and I can do a funny one (20:19:35) (4-Elim): LOLZ, don’t you think the fact he’s a boy makes it hard to fit in? (20:19:35) (6-luu): Hrm, I think there was something there but I really can’t think of it atm (20:19:37) (4-Elim): lolz, I’m sure he’ll figure it out (20:19:44) (2_sahdee): Is that an ok costume (20:20:08) TJ_Schmidt: I can always go and make one. Not that I’ve ever tried, maybe. (20:20:18) (6-luu): lol (20:20:27) (2_sahdee): It doesn’t require much but it’s something. Or if I can’t do it then there is a lot more to be done. (20:21:04) (6-luu): Heh. So, are you planning on coming back for a 2nd appearance or just for 2 days? (20:21:24) (6-luu): 2 day? (20:21:25) (4-Elim): (cath) I have been trying to find a time I’ll come do a 2 weeks of a 2 week show. (20:21:35) (2_sahdee): I’ve been toying around with the idea of doing an 3 day, but that seems silly to me since all of it is in my head during it. (20:21:41) (4-Elim): I mean when I’d know I’d come back (20:21:52) TJ_Schmidt: I don’t think a 2 day is a bad idea, I mean I did do a 2 days show some years ago when I was 16. (20:22:18) (2_sahdee): (cath) What time is it? (20:22:25) (6-luu): 7:00 PM in the UK.

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(25:21:43) (3_Rock): I’m watching an episode of Law & Order - SVU (25:21:54) (3_Rock): It’s about the FBI. (25:22:10) (2_sahdee): Oh (25:22:23) (6-luu): (cath) What do you do? (25:22:25) Lolzrfunni: we should be doing 2 days, I have a job to do (25:22:34) (6-luu): Ok (25:22:45) Lolzrfunni: lolzr, how much is one day? (25:22:50) (6-luu): 30 min.

They do not just check whether the child is being abused, but also find out what else needs to be done, from changing educational and childcare arrangements, to meeting and discussing with local welfare workers the possibility of any intervention. You get most of that bang for your buck in the form of an automatic transmission, which has proven itself an incredibly reliable, funtodrive, allelectric sedan, but if you want more speed, you could always go get a faster, more powerful one.
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