Our story just ended with Paul on his oldschool bike, a couple of pieces of metal stuck to the edge of his seat.

It’s time to get that stuff out and on the road.

I’m really excited to see this new edition and to do what we’re doing here in Cincinnati.

The guys from Aces & Eights were kind enough to stop by this week and talk about what’s going on inside of the barn. I had a great time interviewing them. I feel like we have a good rapport! I’m sure, if I’m on tour in Ohio, I’ll be doing a lot of interviewing on the road because I have such a good connection with that group.

Aces & Eights: Welcome back to the world of Aces and Eights. We hope you enjoy your visit and are willing to help build the new tour. We’ll have the latest news and updates.

Our guest this week is a very special guy, Paul Bunyan’s Axe. He is a guy we’re very fortunate enough to have in the barn, and he’s also a man I’ve known for years.

He wanted to do an interview, like any American would do. He was willing to take time out of a big tour for this, a man looking for a moment.

He’s a humble guy, and a lot of that comes from his upbringing.

This is Paul Bunyan’s Axe, one of five people at our barn.

Our story just ended with Paul on his old-school bike, a couple of pieces of metal stuck to the edge of his seat.

The little ones just made it there. He said he doesn’t know if you can’t see what he’s talking about.

It’s that big, big, big old axe.

In my own experience and other drag queens I know, if you're using a small background image in your profile, you basically make everyone think you're a celebrity and will soon run for office. So now we add that to the list, plus we are probably going to have a few of these storms, because it is just too hard to predict they will come...the model runs can't be used as guidance if there is no real pattern to match.
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