Although Saleh played for the Miami Dolphins, he has a unique perspective as a former high school head coach and linebacker for Maryland Football.

It looks like the Baltimore Ravens may have their second head-coach after John Harbaugh . One of four women whom he’s hired, Saleh was a top candidate prior to getting his break with the Ravens. Ranking up Baltimore’s top 11 head-coaching candidates, Saleh drops to #8 on the list. Some interesting tidbits from Saleh’s interview yesterday with the Baltimore Sun.

1) “I really enjoy running a business and I want to continue to run a business. I think that a lot of people are afraid of going into this business because of the stigma that this business and sports has.”

2) “Do I have any thoughts about getting fired?”

4) “Is Robert Saleh still here?”

Here’s what you need to know about the new Ravens general manager..

  1. He’s one of only 8 women hired by the Ravens as head-coaches.

  2. He previously held the job in Detroit after hiring Bill Belichick.

  3. Although Saleh played for the Miami Dolphins, he has a unique perspective as a former high school head coach and linebacker for Maryland Football.

  4. He made $110,000 this year and earned nearly $400,000 over two years in his previous positions as an NFL coach .

The Ravens may have their top 11 head-coaching candidates in this year’s NFL Draft.

Saleh is a proven head coach with an NFL resume, but how would Saleh fare against the current NFL coaching ranks in 2017?

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