Voth had a very negative perception of Saleh and it seems his reputation for wanting to win more than coach seems to have hurt him.

Many people already knew Saleh had a reputation for losing but now we know more as we learn more about his coaching history. The fact he’s got some ties to the Ravens, the team he’s been with when he wasn’t employed was the Miami Dolphins, suggests he’s not a very well-respected coach for many. Saleh has been accused of being the only coach to get fired from his own team because of a coaching staff or an off-field incident. He has a good reputation for fighting off opponents, making tough calls, and making tough throws. He’s got high school quarterbacking experience. I’ve listed him as just under average (if not below average) in the past to make up for a few bad games here and there.

A guy who we heard from previously on twitter was Bill Voth . Voth had a very negative perception of Saleh and it seems his reputation for wanting to win more than coach seems to have hurt him. At the same time Saleh might be the type of guy who may have worked things out well for him. As to whether he was right for the Ravens, most probably feel it wouldn’t have worked there anyway. The general feeling is there are more good coaches for a team that’s going up in the NFL. Some of the teams that lost on Sunday are not great, they’re going somewhere else; the 49ers are going to be good and the Ravens are going to be good.

*The Chicago Bears have the toughest opponent on the schedule, they get the Washington Redskins next week. Saleh, now a Miami Dolphins coach, worked with the Bears when he was in their facility.

*The Philadelphia Eagles could be in trouble too. The Browns, the Eagles’ previous opponents on the schedule, are 3-4. The 49ers will be facing their first real test of 2015 on Sunday, however. If the Ravens are going to win, they would need to beat a strong defense such as the Redskins, Browns, or Eagles.

*The 49ers travel to San Francisco to face the 49ers. That’s obviously a tough opening week for the Ravens and a team who looked pretty awful on Sunday.

*The Redskins have a tough opening week at Jacksonville; however, they get the San Francisco 49ers next week. The Chiefs are 1-1, the Titans are 5-2, while the Chargers are 1-1. The Titans have been winning and the 49ers have not. It certainly appears as if Oakland will be a division winner in 2015.

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