His experiences under Roberto Mancini the man that is widely regarded as the greatest in the club's history are well known, as he became a hugely popular figure after making a number of remarkable signings.

It was that ‘malfunction’ that gave Swansea the opportunity to swoop in for their first big money signing of the January window. And they will never regret their decision, as Emery quickly established himself as the best manager in England last season. The man who won both the FA Cup and the Europa League in his first three seasons will get the Swansea job - his experience could prove invaluable and he’ll be on the shortlist for the England job in 2017. “We’re not in a position to rush a decision. When it comes to management the more results we’ve got and for the last 2-3 years we haven’t got any. And the reasons for this I can’t say. The owners, for example, haven’t been so open to us as in the past but it’s just that we haven’t got any.” - Alan Curtis - Wales

Emery will be a manager that demands commitment and passion. A passionate leader who has his head right up against the wall until the end. The best in the business. He’ll go about his business as a manager, managing the team, coaching. Not as a manager that dictates players to play football, as that just doesn’t work. He won’t ever come to blows with players. He will manage a team as well but he will also be tactically astute. His teams have generally been very clean in front of goal he’s never had a bad goalmouth possession ratio, or a poor pass completion rate. And he will be prepared to let their play shift a little, and they will let him.

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In addition to his work within the Swansea side, Emery has also earned a great deal of attention for the side that he is managing with Manchester United and that will give him an advantage when looking for his next job. He has been a manager at the top level since 1997, as a player in Italy. His clubs have won the league numerous times, as they have been a part of the competition since the 70’s. He’s still very much young in terms of experience, having only just left the club he played for. He’ll have had a tough time finding a club, given how few big British clubs have changed football since his time. The Manchester club he joined in 2000 had been around the block a few times. And they won just 10 of the 33 competitions in which he’d managed a whopping 13.6%. In other words, he had just as much opportunity to succeed as many of his Manchester clubs had, yet they failed. Emery and the Welshman in general was also a rare success story at youth level. Having worked with one former England manager, he knows about success for players at the young ages there’ll be no shortage of big names in the coming years.

His experiences under Roberto Mancini the man that is widely regarded as the greatest in the club’s history are well known, as he became a hugely popular figure after making a number of remarkable signings. The money was great, the results were fantastic. That’s how Emery rose up the ranks so fast and that’ll be the case with Emery in Manchester.

Despite their current poor results in which they have just 13 points from 17 matches they have won 17 in a row and sit joint top of the table in the Top 5 of the table thanks to that impressive run. Their new manager,Antonio Conte, will have a lot to look forward to if he’s to make sure that there’s no decline in their fortunes. But there has also been an exciting spell for the side in the middle of 2012 a time when they’ve had no fewer than ten straight wins in his first season in charge (and now ten in a row as well on the road). And I expect most, if not all, of those draws to be from games where the side has been on the front foot, with the likes of Fernando Llorente and Nemanja Matic dominating their opponents.

Emery has been lauded for his work within the game in his time at Swansea, and a very good run of results won’t be the end of his career they’ll just start at another high level. The player’s name is already being linked with every big club in the Premier League and there are no shortage of clubs ready to step up to the plate to bring out a talented and young manager of that calibre. With many of the Premier League clubs with new managers in their group next season being so interested in him, chances are that that’ll be Emery more to be expected of him over the next few years than

It's true that Lewis Hamilton is a bit of a wild card, and can quite easily go off track, but the thought of him taking part in Ferrari's campaign makes a lot of sense for the team. It wasn't enough to just make a great beta but we then had a weeklong wait before anyone could play it or even hear about it and I actually found myself trying to figure out if this was something that should have happened in the first place, despite the fact that it was actually pretty easy to follow.
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