He was a great defensive coordinator in New Orleans and knows how to recruit top talent and is on the hot seat, but these are the first hints of the fire Saleh movement.

Saleh is one of the hottest head coaches in the game today. The Raiders have been working him out because they believe in him. He was a great defensive coordinator in New Orleans and knows how to recruit top talent and is on the hot seat, but these are the first hints of the “fire Saleh” movement. Hopefully Saleh is given time. After all, the Raiders were right to fire Gus Bradley. If Saleh fails then a lot could go right in the Oakland offense. I look forward to seeing Saleh’s tape and will help to spread the word if you’re thinking about hiring him. The 49ers offense is built on speed, and Saleh can build an offense around it. This team will need fast guys doing some nasty stuff like the Bears did last week against Detroit. I don’t expect Saleh to go out and spend another million on Ryan, but he could turn a 3rd round pick into a steal.

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This is just another of the teams that has hired a hot head coach over the past couple of years. Just think back to 2011 when they sent out a bunch of hot head coaches to a bunch of teams (Chargers, Bears, Jets, Packers, and now the Browns) because they wanted to add a young head coach that could build their dynasty. They couldn’t hire a coach like Mike Tomlin, but they were able to hire Kyle Shanahan, who changed that team not only from an average team to a playoff caliber team, but from one that didn’t even hold a playoff game to one that has some playoff and Super Bowl appearances under their belt.

What’s a week of Ravens games looked like? Week 1 - at Dolphins (2-2); week 2 - at Jets (3-4) Week 3 - at Eagles (1-4); Week 4 - at 49ers (4-3) Week 5 - @ Raiders (1-4); Week 6 - vs the Bears (3-3); Week 7 - vs the Jets (2-2) Week 8 - vs the Packers (3-2); Week 9 - vs the Bears (1-4) Week 10 - vs Tennessee (1-4); Week 11 - vs Buffalo (0-8); Week 12 - at St. Louis (0-7) Week 13 - @ Buffalo (1-4); Week 14 - vs Cincy (2-2); Week 15 - at Oakland (1-4) Week 16 - vs the Bengals (2-3); Week 17 - at Minnesota (3-3); Week 18 - @ Cleveland (3-2); Week 19 - at Chicago (4-3); Week 20 - @ Kansas City (2-2); Week 21 - vs Atlanta (3-2); Week 22 - vs Dallas (2-2); Week 23 - vs New Orleans (1-4); Week 24 - vs San Diego (2-2); Week 25 - @ Cleveland (1-4); Week 26 - vs the Colts (1-4); Week 27 - @ Tampa Bay (0-8) Week 28 - vs Carolina (1-4); Week 29 - @ NY Jets (3-2);

What a Week 7. The most interesting game of the day happened at a place where the Ravens had not lost. It was the Colts, who were the “toughest” of the last three seasons and a team that is definitely talented and may have been a playoff team. I hope the Ravens can use that team this week. If you’re going to change your coaching staff, make it to the big time, and not hire a hot head. Like Shanahan, I expect the Ravens to hire him, and if one is going to blow it, this guy is it…I mean, he’s hot. He was seen with the Chiefs all year and that got a lot of attention since he was in the middle of the pack at his coaching position. I saw him at the Colts. He’s known for his ability to recruit kids and he worked in college at West Virginia. He’s got a great name and the coaching staff obviously has some love for him. However, there is a good chance that he can’t recruit enough talented kids to get the same success that a Jay Gruden has at the same job. If that is the case, the Ravens will need to try and find a different coach than this guy.

That’s all there is to it for this week. I look forward to the next few weeks and to the rest of this young season. There’s a whole bunch of

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