The fact is, while there are some potential for storytelling that does have a chance and have found a place in our pop culture, if it's about the characters, it's not worth sticking our name to.

If we don’t get answers to the above, I fear we are looking at the end of the line for humanity. While a lot of people will point to Vlone as a good thing, if we don’t learn from it, we may be facing the very end of the world. As for Dany, some may say she is the savior, but if she wasn’t around, she wouldn’t have survived this long, thus she wasn’t a savior to begin with. I have no idea who the hell Dany’s parents are. She’s in a bit of a rut with them, but one day she could do something for them. Either way, I really can’t imagine another actor who could do something for this series like this. They’re like siblings after all. I could see a series with a woman and a man as siblings and the man as the patriarch. No worries about this being some fantasy that wasn’t well written, as it is just really well written and acted.

This series has some serious flaws. 1.) It didn’t introduce me to another Star Trek show. 2.) It didn’t introduce me to another character that would make it worthwhile for me. 3.) It didn’t introduce me to new characters that would make this series worthwhile for me. 4.) It didn’t introduce new character dynamics. 5.) It didn’t introduce me to new enemies. 6.) It didn’t introduce me to new relationships or situations that would make this series enjoyable for me. 7.) It introduced me to new plots or plot-lines. 8.) I wasn’t really invested in the story or characters. 9.) I wasn’t necessarily invested in the characters of the book or show. 10.) It ended too fast. 11.) The characters got some development, but as this is the first season after six years together, it was pretty boring. It seems like everyone is looking at the new series as an opportunity to rehash old story points. Yes, they did introduce Dany but they didn’t really change anything of substance that we had seen or cared about. We learned a lot of the motivations of Viserys though and some of our favorite relationships. In fact, since it seems everyone is looking for a reason to write this, I think this is the series that has the least potential to be taken seriously. While, like the books, this is a highly compelling story, the stories don’t have much to be invested in or even relate with the characters. The plots aren’t relevant to our lives, they just aren’t and we don’t care. The characters are as bland as the characters here. While we may like Dany, we really don’t care for her because we think she had a good storyline, but honestly, how could I possibly get attached to those characters when we are watching this crap? That’s why the characters are the only thing worth caring about here. The fact is, while there are some potential for storytelling that does have a chance and have found a place in our pop culture, if it’s about the characters, it’s not worth sticking our name to.

Now, on to my review.

Well, that took a few turns and turned into several parts. I was originally going to post this week but it got in the way. As much as I don’t recommend them, the two new novels I just read by Ann Leckie and Ann Leckie and the Night Circus by Jonathan Barnes gave me a bit of a change in perspective this week. I thought I had more faith in these new series than these two books, so I am going to go back and read them. With that said, please don’t let this review dissuade you from buying the series, as if I said no books by Ann Leckie come close to making a more compelling argument for the books than this, I would be wrong. Instead, enjoy this review!

The first part I picked out the parts that stand out the most to me. The first book, Queen’s Blood , and the first book of the third book of Tommen’s Cycle in the series of Tyrion-Romeo/Arya stories by Ann, has a ton of potential. It was a new series to me, something where I didn’t see myself reading the others. This first book isn’t bad at all, it was just my first exposure to the series and it was quite good. This new book seems to be going in the direction that Ann wants to go and really helps the whole story flow together. In a sense, Tyrion, Arya and Dany as a group are really the first characters who are set up for the rest of

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