The Pro Controller doesn't work well on a TV or your PC as it has limited input features, such as Dpad, analog sticks, shoulder buttons, triggers, and wheel.

I still have my Wii U controller so after seeing the price of the Pro Controller here there is no way around it. $30 + $20 for the Pro Controller. While I will say this is one of the nicer systems to play Pro Controller based games they still suck. There are many more popular games like Minecraft , Half Baked , Left 4 Dead 2 and other games out there that are not quite as good as the Pro Controller.

You Can Play the Latest Games at 60FPS - But they Don’t Look Good

If you enjoy games like Fallout 3 or Call of Duty you may be more comfortable using a Wii U Pro Controller. There are currently no games out there that support 60FPS that are a joy to play. They do, however you need a good gaming TV, such as the Sony BDM6500 or the Samsung KS8000 , or a very good gaming PC like the Intel Core i7 920 .

The Pro Controller doesn’t work well on a TV or your PC as it has limited input features, such as D-pad, analog sticks, shoulder buttons, triggers, and wheel. It also does not have enough buttons for quick action, and instead it’s better to just put on a game with an easy button system.

For the games that do support 60FPS it might be worth the cost as it can be a good way to play the current gaming releases. After all it may actually look better as it has much faster frames per second.

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