It's an innovative first piece of wireless tech, and by taking a more rounded approach to the wrist, the whole experience is slightly bigger, heavier and better looking.

It’s an innovative first piece of wireless tech, and by taking a more rounded approach to the wrist, the whole experience is slightly bigger, heavier and better looking. While we’re on the subject, this will also prove to be good or even great in that it makes getting into and out of a parking garage more or less seamless.

If the last one didn’t speak to you, no worries. While the hardware is good, there isn’t a whole lot of software built in. This means that you’re going to be doing a lot of things with the watch that you don’t have to with the older models, which will only make the Wear experience even better. You get apps like Google Fit and Twitter for example. They’ve been upgraded to the latest app release version with better animations.

One of the few shortcomings of the new model is the lack of a physical button under the screen, the most functional component of the Watch. Even with the Watch 4 and 3, the buttons were a godsend in that they had plenty of space to work with. It also had a large touchscreen. This has been replaced with a much smaller button, but not on the same level of functionality. You can still press the small space bar to go to the settings, but using other app, or other functions, it is much less convenient. So you will always have to take into account the fact that the button under the display has less room than a physical control. But I really didn’t mind it, because it really just took a few seconds to figure out and figure out what I wanted to do now rather than when you first opened it out for the first time after receiving the watch.

And that really is the whole of it. The Apple Watch 3/3L are great smartwatches that deliver on the promises they made, but as good as they are, there’s much more room for improvement in the software. This time around they’ve nailed it in many areas, and made the hardware a nice compromise for it. They’ve also made it a great experience overall, one that I actually hope will go far past the last model and become a trend in the year to come. Not surprisingly given the platform, their software follows suit, and that’s where this review is focused. And let’s be honest, that was the whole point of this experience.

This review will consist of a review, of two separate builds; one for “regular” users and one for “pro” users. Because you can’t really know for sure how good it is without looking at it against some hard data, so I’m going to do that here. Here are the build results:

The full retail price of the Apple Watch is $349, and this model is a great value. There are few things on this list that are not on this watch, and that’s why it’s the best value you can buy. I know those prices are tough to beat, but this one is a perfect fit. It’s priced like a luxury watch, something you can only buy once, if you’re willing to pay that high a price for the opportunity to get one that you’ll love for years to come. The design is fantastic, the materials are premium, and the software is just what you’d expect from both Apple and Samsung.

Now the real question here is whether you would pick this up on its own…and the answer is a resounding “Yes.” As much as I wanted to get my hands on the 3L/3R (and it did get my hands on my 2L), I never would’ve tried this watch had it not been for these two builds. Now if you’re looking for a new watch experience that’s a bit different than the current offerings, you should check out the Nike+ Sport watches (both 1L and 3L) and the Nike+ Fuel bands. The watch experience is totally different, and if it doesn’t appeal to you…well, just go get your own. As I mentioned before, the Watch has a solid case design, that looks very different from previous ones. Some say it looks too polished, some say too rough. I don’t care one way or another, I’ve been around enough Nike and Fossil watches to know that you shouldn’t have any issue seeing the design when you look at it. It’s not as beautiful as the new Moto 360, perhaps better than the Gear Live from last year, but pretty enough to be stylish or beautiful to look at whether you use it, or not. The metal is nice to look at. The metal is smooth, not as shiny as a few others I’ve seen, and does not have a metallic effect like the “brushed metal” that comes in watches like this one. That isn’t a bad thing

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