It was good to see rookie wide receiver Josh Huff contribute, as he caught five passes for 53 yards in his debut.

He also added a long run of 11 yards… It was good to see rookie wide receiver Josh Huff contribute, as he caught five passes for 53 yards in his debut. And it marked the Bills’ return to the field of all things Bills, as all three of their starting corners - Kyle Williams, Marcus Williams, and Jerricho Cotchery – took part in the game. Coach Sean McDermott wanted players to participate in the game more than they were going to in previous weeks, but the players were more than willing to show their love. With the game coming on the road - as opposed to a home game in Buffalo - many Bills fans were not planning on leaving or spending the evening watching the game in peace. As the game grew in its late hour, many Bills fans decided to gather outside the stadium.

One of the many Bills fans gathered to watch their team in action.

Another postgame gathering.

For the most part most of the players did fine. Tyrod Taylor, Kyle Williams, LeSean McCoy, Stephen Hill (he had a sack), and Mike Tolbert took part in their usual antics, and LeSean made a few great plays in the end zone. The game was a bit closer than last week, with Bills WR Robert Woods in for him in the Eagles game. But it wasn’t close, and Buffalo jumped off to a 4-0 start with a big performance… Rushing: 100 YPC through two games (19.9, 17.3) YPC for Bills: 22.4 3rd Down Conversions: 24 for 22 - 27.6 3rd Down TDs: 4 (2 FGs) The game was not as tense as last week in the second quarter, and the Bills settled into their own rhythm, although the run game still needs to be worked on. On the other hand, the defense looked outstanding in key opportunities. Kenny Vaccaro’s pass rush was deadly, and I was reminded of this play from yesterday.

Whew, that’s the end of Bills talk from our local SportsTalk station. The Bills defense just took over and put the game away. So who will win the Eastern Division? It definitely looks like we’ll have one of the worst defenses in the league going forward. But I certainly wouldn’t count New England out. It looks like the Patriots get to go to Miami tomorrow night before the divisional round match-ups come open. I’ll remember this game for a long time. And perhaps not for the “good” games of that game, but for the good time we had watching a team I could honestly call a good team. Maybe not as good as some of the other playoff teams, but certainly a team that makes me really want to want to go to a game in Buffalo. And if that day ever dawns so we can all take a day off, I will have another post up by tomorrow night. I know this was a long post and I wanted to make sure I gave you a couple of final thoughts from this game. I really want to thank all the Bills fans that were happy to be there and to give us an enjoyable game. Even the ones that didn’t show up. The game was a fun time and I was proud of everything I played to. It’s nice to get one game in our lives, even if it isn’t with the team you root for. And just for the record, I am rooting for the New England Patriots. Because I loved everything about that game and I have to be honest, I don’t think the Sabres will ever make it this far. That team doesn’t have the history, or the rabid fanbase the Bills have - but they do have great fans. What a wonderful organization to root for. I will also always be a fan of the Bills, but not to this extent. There was a time in Buffalo a couple of years back when they were a playoff team and I know the season would’ve gone a lot worse for the Bills without them. Hopefully today will be a reminder of that old team, whether they make it to the playoffs by the time the season ends or not. And more importantly, I want to thank everyone at the stadium. I can’t think of anyone more deserving of a good day at the ballpark than the Bills, and I hope there were tons of folks from Buffalo in attendance. But not only that, this community is incredible, and I will never forget it. I really hope this game brings the great support we’ve seen for years. It’s one of those things that don’t seem to work in sports and I think it happens to only about half the teams in the nation. But the Bills are a great team with only a really bad fan base in Buffalo that just doesn’t understand

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