I think the defense stops them at the line of scrimmage and then they don't get a chance to show that they can execute the run for long enough to really make the plays happen

He had 6 tackles on the day, 1 forced a fumble and 1 sack.

The Titans defense stepped up a notch in this game and made the Titans look ordinary on defense. With the Titans failing to score any TDs and only giving up 8 first downs, the Titans will have to start rolling out from a 4-0 to avoid the dreaded first round pick. Listed as a 3rd-round player on my mock draft, this game will be much better for the QB (Minkah Fitzpatrick, I believe) vs. a defense that could be the best in the league.

The Panthers get rid of Kiko Alonso and get rid of Newton. I’m not going to make a prediction about how much he’ll be benched against this defense, because it ain’t pretty.

The Packers continue to struggle on offense, holding the ball for 42 minutes. Aaron Rodgers went nine passes for 74 yards. The QB was sacked six times. The Falcons continue to struggle at RB, and now with injuries at LB, the Falcons actually run a lot of outside zone. The Packers have the #1 WR, Green Bay could use what they have from the WR position, and that’s why I believe they go for the QB early. I’d go with a high pick here and risk losing the 3rd RB.

“The defense gets after Newton and he can do it on the ground without really getting outside…” This game will also be a game of making the plays, and going away with the ball. It’s a tough matchup for them.

The Panthers will be without their most important player (I’m not 100% on it yet) in Corey Brown. The Panthers drafted OLB Shaq Thompson 6th overall, but the Saints draft Thompson in the 4th. Thompson’s got the looks to be a star linebacker, so this is a huge loss for the Panthers.

Kiko Alonso returns. The Titans have to respect his presence in the box and make sure he can play against man coverage effectively.

“I think the defense stops them at the line of scrimmage and then they don’t get a chance to show that they can execute the run for long enough to really make the plays happen!” This means the Saints will have to be aggressive at times to hold up the run, and the Falcons don’t have enough talent to do so.

I think Brees will look to get the ball out quick and have his receivers make the hard yards. When the Saints have their top two receivers going up, they’ve got another guy who can make people miss. This is great for the offense, but as a defense, this will be their best game of the year.

The Saints will also be without both WRs on Sunday. Ridley was suspended for four games for PEDs, so he only has a few opportunities to make plays. If they can’t have him, then their wideouts will have to have their hands full and make some big plays. The Falcons will have the #1 WR, and they have players making their mark in the D, but the loss of their best receiver is a major blow.

In the end, a very close game at the Superdome. The Titans have their number, and it will be a great battle to end with a victory. I think my mock drafts will end up as 1-1 (with Brees at #2), 2-0 (with Manning and Brees at #1), and 3-1 (with the Saints #2). If my picks are correct, I think the Saints go #1.

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