After Moore sustained his injury, the Horned Frogs would have made a reasonable change in personnel to make an impact.

The Oklahoma State redshirt senior started his career like a star in Evanston. He was ranked #60 in the nation and #11 nationally in the 247Sports Composite. For a program that was on the verge of folding, the Oklahoma State linebacker was being taken extremely seriously.

Moore looked good against Oklahoma State, he looked good against Baylor and the rest of the Big 12 West. He looked good against TCU in Fort Worth and he looked good against TCU again in Lubbock. When Moore suffered a knee injury back in 2013, it immediately put a scare into everyone in Norman. Moore was never the same player after the injury and the Sooners were never the same again after it.

This isn’t an indictment on Moore. Moore is far from the most talented LB in the Big 12 or this offense for that matter. There are no excuses. This is a condemnation of Moore.

How much more can we expect when this coaching staff has no idea what to do with Moore? This is a loss not only for the Sooners, but for the Sooners. The nation has never, ever heard of Moore. Why would Moore want to be a star at Oklahoma State again? A junior, he doesn’t have the upside of Jeremy Pruitt and Kevin Sumlin. Moore is better suited to get in his own way. It’s no secret that Moore hates Texas. He was once so enamored by A&M that he refused to switch his number to 13 to signify his allegiance. Moore will never appreciate how much respect Texas and A&M have earned over the years by winning the national title. A&M has made all of the right moves to earn that respect and their new coach has no reason to waste him. After Moore sustained his injury, the Horned Frogs would have made a reasonable change in personnel to make an impact. Instead, they made one of their worst hires since Gene Chizik, which left Moore still stuck in Norman:

Moore has been on the sideline the past couple weeks with injuries and now looks like a total bummer. He’s not a star and this is the season for him to be cut. He’s also a potential guy the Cowboys can lose for next to nothing.

This is simply a terrible move for Moore and he will probably be forced to sit out the rest of the season, with all of this uncertainty that surrounds him. It’s a sad day for Sooners fans after Moore and the Sooners are gone from the landscape and they’re only a small footnote in the SEC South race.

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