The first test we did on the UK we said, well we've got a device for illegal drugs, we're going to see how many of them we can detect', and we were lucky enough to go through some high street shops one, I'm going to be honest with you, the other one is just like the supermarket.

  • British doctor, Dr Jonathan Ball, who came up with the ‘PUR’ test, developed the test in the 80’s, it was not only used to detect illegal drugs, like cocaine and ketamine, it could also do for alcohol detection as well. - His tests are considered the gold standard for alcohol, cocaine and ketamine detection

  • Dr Ball said that with a good product and the right test kit, you will ‘get a result within a matter of days. “

  • “The first test we did [on the UK] we said, “well we’ve got a device for illegal drugs, we’re going to see how many of them we can detect’, and we were lucky enough to go through some high street shops (one, I’m going to be honest with you, the other one is just like the supermarket). They were very bad, and some were quite dodgy”, said the Professor, adding that about half of the people that used the kits had to get their urine tested. “The second test was in the local community. It was just a mixture of urine from different people, they’d all drunk their tea and it was as good as anybody’s, and people said “wow, now we can be sure…”

“If you want a drink it’s going to be the first drug you look at, if you don’t look at drugs, it’s the second.” -“If you’re on any drug that’s been banned, or the police have banned it, and you’re doing it in the community, there are going to be some people who have never looked at drugs” said Dr Ball, noting that it’s about having a good product for your home kit, “you can do it in the office or even in your own spare time”, while a good kit for the office or your own spare time can cost 1.50 and the best home kit in 2013 can cost as little as 20

With a home kit or “pilot kit” you can test your own personal urine for up to 24 hours, with the best kit on the market costing just $20 (see:

For the price of $20, this kit could give your results in hours, and are completely undetectable! No more invasive tests or a bag full of bacteria or hairballs to collect.

For a more detailed report on the Pulse kit please click here ; click on “Pulse” To contact Pulse please call either 079-874-7770 or email: [email protected]

While testing your own urine for illegal drugs is relatively convenient, many patients are concerned about the potential contamination of their own blood. - “If it is illegal, we’re not concerned,” says Dr Ball, “but what about if your doctor thinks it’s okay to go there? It’s the same with any kind of drug test, no blood or urine is 100% clean, and anyone using the kit should be aware of that. Once you’re on this home kit you can detect every other substance in your urine. It’s not like a urine test that’s just for cocaine.” - “How many different chemicals is there in urine?” asks Jonathan Ball. “There are about 40 compounds, there are no two of them are exactly the same, there are 30 or 40 different things in your urine. The test will not be able to get that data, it just comes out as one or two compounds.” - “When I buy my own kit for the office when I use it as part of my own kit. Then I can leave my own home kit with my housekeeping staff with it with no problem, it will be quite discreet and no one’s going to recognise me!”

  • You’d be surprised how many people do this, and what they do, “we’ve always done it at the hospital, we’ve got this whole thing of people walking in and not noticing that they can’t talk to patients, if you’ve got a home-made kit, and you can have a really quiet space for testing, you can test your own urine just by turning up at home without any fuss, it won’t be in a clinic, you’re not going to get a solicitor being sent over for your safety”. “It would give me peace of mind and peace of mind knowing I’d be 100% safe”, added Dr Ball.
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