When Walmart, Target, Toys 'R' Us and more all started offering their Black Friday deals, it only made sense.

When Walmart, Target, Toys ‘R’ Us and more all started offering their Black Friday deals, it only made sense. Since Best Buy didn’t start selling their black Friday deals until well after Black Friday, all of his other retailers knew what to do. Even more impressive is that Target and Walmart don’t have any official Black Friday programs, so you can just wait for their Black Friday promotions.

Best Buy was a bit slow, posting just a few sales at the end of the month. When Black Friday started, their website simply said that the store had “limited number of Black Friday deals available by store.” Even though some shoppers were able to snag deals by using a promotional code, what Walmart didn’t seem to notice until after their Black Friday sales started was that there were already some Black Friday promotions. As they advertised some specials in store, some people were still able to get their deals by using an online code. It seems that Walmart is simply not being as careful with any sales as Best Buy. Although they are known for having their Black Friday promotions go viral, they are just not as thorough as Best Buy, as they’ve allowed their promotion codes to not be visible online.

Best Buy’s promotion codes are not a very good thing for their customers. If people see a code on the wall that they are unsure whether to buy or not, or worse still, they see a promotion that is too good to be true and they decide to buy, the worst thing that could happen for them is that the code is not valid, so they can’t use it. If customers see too many codes by Walmart, they can get a little excited and take more than they expected. They might even feel it makes sense to go straight for some code on Amazon. As a result, Walmart’s Black Friday specials have become a lot more popular and the more popular they are, the more Walmart has to be careful with their promotions and their giveaways.

Here’s to Best Buy’s efforts to be smarter about how they promote their Black Friday sales! They will certainly be taking steps to be more precise and create their own unique promotions if they choose to do so. To help Walmart’s Black Friday promotions stand out from the crowd, they could do something like this:

Walmart would just want to keep it private for now, but it would make a lot of extra Black Friday shoppers happy. The Walmart Black Friday promotion code is: MBLOWY2 . This code will only work at the Walmart in your area.

Walmart is a wonderful company that does the right thing by their shoppers. While some of their competitors will start their Black Friday sales with a lot of promotions and then make it a bigger deal than it needs to be by being creative with their promotions, Walmart still won’t even have the courage to offer their promotions during their Black Friday in November because they don’t want to risk messing up the Black Friday sales. They’ll have to start working with their customers better and being more detailed about their sales. At Walmart, you know that you can spend less money and get a lot more than you expected, and they’re going to stick to that regardless.

So go check Walmart out Black Friday sales, you might learn something new along the way!

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